WY-AL: Support Harriet Hageman

It’s time to retire Liz Cheney.

The RNC’s decision to censure Cheney last week was largely symbolic. What we really need is to remove her from Congress by replacing her with a true conservative.

You can help us do that today by supporting Harriet Hageman for Congress in Wyoming.

Cheney is the media’s favorite Republican because she joined with Nancy Pelosi to attack and impeach Donald Trump. But long before she betrayed her president, she betrayed her state and her party.

Cheney has had a weak voting record during her entire congressional career. She sees her job as helping Democrats pass legislation, rather than fighting them to save America. She is a classic RINO whose loyalty is to the Swamp, not the people she serves.

Wyoming only gets one member of Congress and they deserve someone who shares and fights for their values. That’s why Harriet Hageman is challenging an incumbent despite all Cheney’s power and connections.

Please support Harriet Hageman with a generous contribution of any amount up to $5,800 today.

House Freedom Fund will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your donation directly to the Hageman campaign.

The stakes are too high today to sit on the sidelines.

Harriet is the leader Wyoming has been waiting for. For the last 20 years, she has been fighting back against federal agencies that threaten our rights with overbearing regulations. As an attorney, she…

▶︎ Fought Bill Clinton’s attempt to block access to one-third of Wyoming’s National Forest Lands;

▶︎ Stopped the EPA’s efforts to take control of irrigation infrastructure and operations, and

▶︎ Blocked the USDA from forcing livestock producers to use radio-frequency eartags and register ranches with the federal government.

Liz Cheney ducks fights – or joins the other side! Harriet has been fighting and winning conservative victories for decades.

Harriet is exactly what Washington needs more of and exactly who we need fighting for all of us. 

The DC establishment will do everything it can to protect Cheney. Only a national grassroots effort will stop her. We can do it, but we need everyone to pitch in.

Please join the fight for America’s future by supporting Harriet Hageman today!

Liz Cheney comes from a Washington Establishment dynasty. She will raise millions from corporate dollars, and from Democrats too. Harriet’s only support is us.

Can we count on your help for Harriet’s campaign? We need her – and in this fight, she needs us!

Harriet Hageman has answered the call. Please do the same for her by making a contribution today.

Thank you for fighting for conservative leadership in Washington and for being willing to help retire liberal Republicans like Liz Cheney.

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