WV-02: Mooney Wins Primary

You need to hear this. The House Freedom Fund won our first big victory of the 2022 election cycle!

U.S. Rep. Alex Mooney, a relentless, loyal conservative warrior, shocked Washington with his huge Republican primary win in West Virginia’s 2nd District.

Why is it news that an incumbent congressman won re-nomination? Because this was no ordinary primary.

As you may know, West Virginia lost a seat after the 2020 Census. So Mooney’s race this spring was against an established incumbent Republican congressman. Mooney’s opponent, David McKinley, had the elite support: the media, the GOP establishment, and even Democrat politicians. They even drew the district lines to give McKinley an unfair advantage!

But Mooney had the grassroots, he had House Freedom Fund, and most of all, he had you.

That was enough to upset the liberal establishment. When all the votes were counted, Mooney won in a rout, 54%-35%.

The lesson is clear: Nothing can stop us when conservatives unite behind principled, fighting leaders like Alex Mooney.

We won’t rest on these laurels, though. House Freedom Fund is already on to the next fight: North Carolina’s primary on May 17.

In the 13th District, a proven, principled conservative named Bo Hines is running in a crowded field of moderate, corporate Republicans. This is the next chance for conservatives to build the red wave this fall.

In 2022, it’s not enough to elect Republicans – we need serious, brave leaders willing to shake up Washington. Alex Mooney is one. Bo Hines is another.

We can’t build the wall, end abortion, defund woke bureaucrats, and defeat Bidenflation with appeasing compromisers. It’s time to fight. It’s time to win.

Please support our endorsed candidates, and help Freedom march on to North Carolina and in states across the nation.

HFF will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your candidate contributions directly to their campaigns.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to fight for conservative leadership in Washington.

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