Winter Is Coming

Winter is coming…

And thanks to Joe Biden, it’s going to be a cold, dark season for working families. Inflation just hit 8.3% in August. Food is more expensive than it has been since Jimmy Carter was president!

This would be devastating data any time of year, but now we are heading into the cold fall and winter months, staring at a government-created energy shortage.

Europe’s dependence on Russian oil is going to send its economy into a recession when temperatures drop. The United States, which has enough oil and natural gas to be energy independent for 300 years, will feel the pinch, too – because woke, socialist Democrats have shut down domestic production.

Joe Biden and his Administration would rather see another Great Depression and see poor and elderly Americans go cold in the winter than use the abundant, clean energy God gave us.

We have one chance between now and 2024 to correct course from the Left’s anti-energy extremism: the November elections.

Help conservatives top Biden’s destructive policies!

Only a conservative majority in Congress will give Americans a fighting chance to stave off Biden’s Winter Freeze. And only the House Freedom Fund – and patriots like you – can produce the kind of election night victory we will need.

A small establishment-controlled majority will actually hurt. We need fighting, conservative candidates across the country to win and win big this November.

It’s not just about winning votes and taking committee gavels away from the Left. We have to win so big in 2022 that we go on offense and advance policies that expand freedom and opportunity for all Americans.

Can we count on you to donate $25, $50, $100, or more today?

Times are tough, and winter is coming. That’s why HFF will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your contributions to the campaigns you support today. We are 100% committed to victory and 100% committed to you.

Your contributions are an investment in the America we want our kids and grandkids to inherit.

Please give today, as generously as you can, while we still can.

Thank you for standing strong for freedom and for doing so much to promote conservative leadership in Washington.

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