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It’s often said that conservatives spend so much time focused on what we’re against that we forget what we’re for. And with the Left in charge of Washington, the media, our schools, and popular culture, that’s understandable. 

But while conservatives can’t lose sight of the values and people we support, we also must remember what it is the Left is actually for.

Woke socialism today produces so many outrages that it’s easy to think that progressives’ top priorities are things like drag queen story hours or critical race theory. But however obnoxious, those are just means to ends.

What the Left is really for is tyranny. They are intolerant, totalitarian bullies who hate our country, our faith, and our laws. 

  • They hate America and want to replace it with international governing institutions like the European Union or the United Nations.

  • They hate the Bible and want to force everyone to affirm their religious views of climate extremism, anti-humanism, and trans superstition.

  • They hate the Constitution and instead of accountable government, they want a state led by unelected “experts” who tell the rest of us what to do.

Unelected, unaccountable overlords forcing all Americans to obey their religious, political, and economic orders: there is no other word for this vision than tyranny.

Look what they do whenever people stand up to them. When parents protested at school board meetings? When teachers refuse to use students’ made-up pronouns? When political leaders like Donald Trump expose the truth behind the Left’s despotism?

The Left arrests them, prosecutes them and tries to imprison them. Just like all totalitarian dictators throughout history, all the way back to Herod and Pharaoh.

So, as the 2024 political campaign heats up, remember: this isn’t about just tax policy and welfare reform and school choice; it’s about the future of freedom. 

It’s about our right to speak, to pray, to vote in free and fair elections. It’s about parents’ authority over their kids and kids’ right not to be groomed and sexualized by psychotic libraries and school boards. It’s about girls’ right not to shower with men and the nation’s right to know and tell the truth about our glorious history.

The 2024 election is ultimately about America’s freedom to remain free. And the House Freedom Fund put the word right there in our name for a reason. It’s why we were founded and what we fight for every day.

We won’t forget it anytime soon, or the brave patriots who help us keep up the fight. The Left hates America; but as they hypocritically remind us, hate has no home here.

In 2024 and beyond, it’s up to us to make sure Love (of freedom) Wins.

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