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The Washington Establishment is clutching its pearls this month as House Republicans debate whether to dump Speaker Mike Johnson after his flip-flop on border security and foreign aid.

For months, Johnson joined House conservatives in demanding that any more aid to Ukraine be tied to border security. The politics, policy, and message were clear: 

Before we defend other countries’ borders, we should defend our own!

The Left howled. The media attacked. President Biden huffed and puffed. But the strategy worked!

Democrats and the Establishment could not pass their Ukraine bill without real and immediate border security.

And then Mike Johnson caved.

House Speaker Mike Johnson / Photo by Gage Skidmore

Out of nowhere, the Speaker announced he would schedule votes on bills sending aid to Ukraine, Israel, and the Pacific. In a stroke, Johnson surrendered Republicans’ leverage and squandered the Right’s hard-earned political victory.

When Congress returned to Washington, Senate Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer bragged on the Senate floor that Johnson’s proposal gives Democrats “everything we wanted.” 

Johnson is now facing questions about his leadership for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Once again, Washington is abuzz with talk of a “motion to vacate” — a formal vote on whether to kick him out of the Speaker’s Chair, just like Kevin McCarthy faced last year.

However, whether or not Speaker Johnson keeps his gavel, his betrayal shows how badly Washington needs to change. Whatever you want to call it — the Swamp, the Deep State, the Woke Industrial Complex — Washington today is fundamentally corrupt. 

Regardless of what happens to the Speaker, conservatives in 2024 need to vacate the Establishment.

If we want to save the country, we have to take away the Establishment’s power. To do that, we need to win Congress and then use it to defund and destroy the Left’s woke, weaponized power centers.

Doing that is going to require more than just a conservative speaker. We need dozens of new conservative voices in the House of Representatives.

We need to replace Democrats. We need to replace Establishment Republicans. We need to replace retiring conservatives. And we need to send a signal that the Right is not interested in careerists and clock-watchers in Congress. 

In 2024, only conservative fighters need apply!

And the House Freedom Fund has them. Our slate of priority candidates this year may be the strongest we have ever seen. Scott Perry. Bob Good. Anna Paulina Luna. Brandon Gill. Cameron Hamilton. And many others.

These are leaders who will not only fight but win the battle against the Establishment in 2025 and beyond.

Please support them with a generous contribution today!

Whether you live in a red, purple, or blue district, you can trust our Class of 2024 to represent YOUR VALUES — America’s values — in Congress.

And we pass along every dollar you contribute to our candidates. We pay all the fees and transfer 100% of your candidate contributions to their campaigns.

Washington insiders can fight about gavels and chairs — we are fighting to save our country from destruction.

Donate today, and together, we’ll vacate the Establishment in 2024.

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Whatever happens to Speaker Johnson, conservatives need to vacate the Establishment in the 2024 elections

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