Two Big Wins in North Carolina

We are very proud to report that both of our endorsed candidates won their special elections for Congress in North Carolina yesterday.

Dr. Greg Murphy (R-NC) defeated Allen Thomas (D-NC) with 62% of the vote in the 3rd District, and Dan Bishop (R-NC) defeated Dan McCready (D-NC) with 51% of the vote in the 9th District.

Thanks to your generous support, we have now gone three for three in special elections this year!

Greg Murphy and Dan Bishop will now head to Washington, DC and be sworn in as new members of Congress. They will join conservatives like Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) and Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) in the fight for our nation’s future.

Thank you for doing so much to support our candidates.

The contributions of supporters like you allowed us to invest over $725,000 in the special elections this year, giving our candidates the resources they needed to win hard-fought races.

In particular, your donations of more than $148,000 for Dan Bishop helped him get out the vote in the final weeks of the campaign that made the difference in that razor-thin race.

At each stage, we knew we could count on you to help candidates you didn’t know personally and who often lived across the country. You understood the national implications of these races and took action when it mattered most.

Now we must turn our focus to a number of important elections that will be decided next year. With your continued support, we’re confident we can win them and send more freedom fighters to Washington.

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