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The House Freedom Fund is proud to endorse Brandon Herrera against liberal incumbent Tony Gonzales in the Republican primary election for Congress in the 23rd District of Texas.

Brandon Herrera / Photo by Gage Skidmore

If you don’t know Brandon, you should. He’s the founder of a firearms manufacturing company and one of the boldest Second Amendment activists in America. Like so many political newcomers this election year, Brandon was driven to run for office by three things:

  • The erosion of our freedoms;

  • The creeping left-wing tyranny of the Covid lockdowns; and

  • The complicity of Establishment Republicans in both betrayals.

Rep. Tony Gonzales, however, is the poster boy for smug RINO politics in 2024. When conservatives called to protect America’s border before we send billions in foreign aid around the world, Gonzales went on CNN and called them “scumbags”… anti-American … even anti-Christian.

He also voted for more gun control, new federal protections for same-sex marriage, and the creation of the January 6 Commission. And he voted against giving the Department of Homeland Security the unilateral authority to stop migrants from coming through our ports of entry.

With Republicans like Turncoat Tony, who needs Democrats?

It’s no surprise that the Republican Party of Texas censured him and that a majority of his own Republican constituents voted against him in the March primary.

However, since no candidate received 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff election on May 28 between Turncoat Tony and Brandon Herrera.

HFF is endorsing Brandon today. And our super PAC is launching a hard-hitting TV ad to back it up.

Conservatives have learned the hard way that in Washington, the party doesn’t always matter. Plenty of Republicans care more about smearing the Right than fighting the Left. That’s who Tony Gonzales is — and why we must stop him.

Brandon Herrera is a patriot, an entrepreneur, a leader, and a proven, principled conservative ready to take on the Left, GOP elites, and anyone who stands between America and our God-given freedoms.

Please support Brandon today by contributing to his campaign.

HFF will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your donation directly to his grassroots campaign.

And please share this endorsement notice with your friends. The RINO Establishment is already dumping big money into this race to save Turncoat Tony. We need conservatives across the nation to rally behind Brandon Herrera right now.

It’s time to send Washington a message.

Let’s go Brandon!

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee. HouseFreedomFund.com


Support Brandon Herrera Against Tony Gonzales for Congress in the May 28 Republican Primary Runoff Election in Texas

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