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We may have a smoking gun now.

A whistleblower inside the IRS has come forward with evidence that Hunter Biden’s corruption racket included his father Joeaka, “The Big Guy.”

Circumstantial evidence has long pointed to possible corruption in the Biden family, but the media has looked the other way. It wasn’t until Republicans took control of the House of Representatives and Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH) became chairman of the House Judiciary Committee that we had any chance of breaking through the coverup and finding the truth.

President Joe Biden and Hunter Biden / Photo by Ben Stanfield

Now we’re starting to peel back the layers of the conspiracy. And the facts emerging are damning.

One text message from Hunter to a Chinese associate: “I am sitting here with my father and we would like to understand why the commitment made has not been fulfilled.” Hunter at this time was not a government official or staffer — he was a corporate middleman, trading on his father’s name and office.

Even worse, evidence now strongly suggests higher-ups at the Department of Justice did not just drag their feet — they actively shut down investigations into this corruption.

FBI and IRS investigators were repeatedly ordered not to ask any questions about Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter’s illegal dealings.

One of the newly leaked text messages, for instance, says “Ten held by H for the big guy.” Investigators were not allowed to ask who “H” and the “big guy” were — or why money was set aside for him. 

Moreover, insiders at DOJ repeatedly warned Biden’s attorney’s about the investigation’s findings and strategies to help them stay a step ahead.

We will of course keep you updated on the investigation as it proceeds. But the most important point to remember is that we would know none of this without Jim Jordan and his staff at the Judiciary Committee. We would know none of this without the new conservatives remaking the Republican Party and the U.S. Congress.

We would know none of this without the House Freedom Caucus or the House Freedom Fund.

As you know, HFF is the only organization in the country singularly focused on electing rock-ribbed, take-no-prisoners, no-BS conservatives to the House of Representatives. We scout, recruit, and support the best House members and candidates — and grow their numbers every election cycle.

Have you noticed how House conservatives actually fight nowadays? In the speaker’s race? On the D.C. crime bill? On the debt ceiling? On the Left’s weaponization of the federal government?

That’s not an accident. They are fighting because, with your help, HFF has been electing fighters instead of politicians.

In 2024, with the White House, Senate, and House all up for grabs, we will be fighting harder than ever. And with your help, we will not only uncover the truth about the Big Guy — we’ll take back our government and rescue our country from the corrupt Left now destroying it.

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