This Budget Fight Is Different – House Freedom Fund

A panic is setting in across Washington. Elites in both parties are realizing that this budget fight is different.

The Establishment is running the same old playbook:

  • Democrats shriek, “SHUT DOWN, SHUT DOWN, SHUT DOWN!”

  • The media says it’s all chaos, and conservatives are to blame. 

  • Republican elites in both houses of Congress are siding with President Biden and the media.

  • Lobbyists and political consultants are blasting conservatives — off the record, of course — in liberal newspapers. 

To the political class, this should do it. They think if they whine long enough, the Right will eventually capitulate.

And yet… so far, their tired old tactics are failing. Conservatives in Congress feel no pressure to give another blank check to Ukraine. Or to keep our borders open for Big Business. Or to borrow trillions of dollars to spend on a weaponized FBI, racist education programs, and attacking parents’ rights.

Why? Because in these fights, the American people are on our side. They always have been. For years, Washington Republicans cared more about the status quo in Washington than about everyday Americans.

From Donald Trump to the Supreme Court to the border crisis to the crime wave to America First foreign policy, the Republican Party has fundamentally changed in the last decade. The only thing that hasn’t changed is the Establishment.

They think they are still in charge.

But they’re not. Not if conservatives stand and fight on the issues that real Americans care about. Border security. Election integrity. Crime. Government accountability. The rights of parents and children. The national debt.

In Washington, these things are called “distractions” from the “important” issues — forever wars, deep state entitlement, and harassing conservatives. In the country, though, these are the important issues. This is the fight.

And House conservatives can win it — if they stand together and conservatives around the country stand with them.

House Freedom Fund is standing with them. We are not only supporting House conservatives in today’s fight against the Left and the Establishment over this year’s budget. We are supporting conservative reinforcements in next year’s elections.

HFF is the best way grassroots conservatives can influence the House of Representatives every election cycle. But especially in 2024, with Joe Biden limping into the campaign and Establishment Republicans flailing for relevance. This is a golden opportunity for true conservative pickups in House districts nationwide.

HFF will be endorsing and supporting the next wave of Freedom Caucus reinforcements in Republican primaries next spring and going all in during the general election campaign next fall.

Now is the time to join the fight. Contributions this month will not only strengthen House conservatives’ position in the ongoing budget fight; it will also help build up the war chest the Right will need to take on the Swamp in 2024.

Now is the time to show Washington that the biggest difference in American politics is that today, the people are finally getting back into the fight.

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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