The Truth Behind Biden’s College Bailout

Conservatives in the U.S. House of Representatives banked a victory over the Left, passing legislation to block Joe Biden’s illegal student-loan bailout.

The 218-203 vote was along party lines, and now the Congressional Review Act resolution will be taken up by the Senate. But even if it doesn’t pass there, it will be a win to get all 51 Democrat Senators on record about the issue.

The media tries to frame this debate as conservatives trying to take something away from young adults struggling to pay off their college loans. But that just shows how blinded by elitism the Left has become.

Activists And Musicians Gather At The White House To Greet The Staff With Joyful Music And A Demand To Cancel Student Debt

Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for We, The 45 Million)

Joe Biden’s college loan bailout is not a helping hand to struggling victims — it’s a $400 billion handout to working professionals who went to college! Over the course of their careers, college graduates make $1.2 million more than everyone else. They are doctors, lawyers, financiers, and — more to the point — government bureaucrats!

More than half of Joe Biden’s White House staffers will be eligible for his student loan forgiveness program.

The people struggling in Joe Biden’s economy aren’t college-educated professionals — it’s the lower-income workers forced to compete with illegal immigrants. It’s factory workers with the sword of outsourcing hanging over their heads. It’s men drilling and digging for energy whose jobs are threatened by environmental extremists.

These are the same people, by the way, who will be paying for the student loan bailout. Biden’s program is nothing but a $400 billion transfer from plumbers, electricians, and waitresses to white-collar professionals and left-wing activists.

People who decided to forego overpriced colleges and woke campus brainwashing to start their careers in the trades are now being forced to subsidize the rich elites who chose to take on debt to attend prestigious schools.

It’s more than unjust. It’s immoral. Rich elites, without a vote in Congress, forcing working families to subsidize their privilege? It’s un-American and tyrannical.

But it’s also a glimpse of the Left’s true worldview. Woke elites don’t see themselves as public servants. They see us as their servants.

It has to stop. But the only way it will is if conservatives around the country rally to support the toughest, smartest, most principled congressional candidates to replace self-serving elites in BOTH parties.

It’s great that 218 House Republicans voted to end Joe Biden’s snob bailout… but it’s also embarrassing that it was only 218! We need dozens more conservatives in Congress: leaders prepared to fight for the freedom of working families and against the woke, elitist Establishment.

That’s why House Freedom Fund was founded, and we’re just getting started.

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