The swamp is ANGRY

The swamp is ANGRY, and it’s coming after Rep. Scott Perry.  

Ever since he was named as one of the newest member of the House Intelligence Committee, uniparty politicians and the media have had it out for the former chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.  

According to the Washington Post (the deep state’s favorite newspaper) establishment Republicans are enraged that Perry is now on the committee. 

Sign the petition. Stand with Scott Perry.


Because over the last several years, the House Intel Committee has been a mouthpiece for the deep state.  

It was central to the first BOGUS impeachment of President Trump and its members recently fought tooth and nail to stop a conservative effort to require warrants for FISA searches against Americans.  

Yes, you read that right.  

Here are the facts: Scott Perry served for decades in the U.S. Army; he’s a champion of our constitutional rights; and deep state politicians see him as a threat because of that.

They want him GONE. And they’re threatening to try to remove him.

Sign the petition. Show you stand against the deep state.

At HFF we believe in a strong national defense that operates within the constitutional constraints put in place by our founders.  

And that’s why we’re not going to take these attacks lying down.  

By signing the petition, you can make it clear to the deep state that the American people want a FIGHTER on their side.  

Former Chairman Perry put it best when he said, “When it comes to my Intel Committee  appointment, my 44 years of experience and service to our Nation speaks for itself.”  

Scott Perry is a distinguished veteran and a true conservative fighter.  

He doesn’t deserve attacks like this, but that’s exactly why they’re attacking him. What he deserves is our support.  

With Rep. Perry on the Intelligence Committee, the American people actually have a voice against the deep state.  

It’s time to use our voices to let everyone in Washington know that he deserves to stay.

Sign the petition today!

At House Freedom Fund, we know that liberty lost is rarely liberty regained.  

That’s why we fight as hard as we do against the forces that want to take it away from you.   

Thank you for everything you do in the fight for liberty. We simply can’t do this without you.