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A funny thing happened the other day when the House of Representatives took up a bill authorizing $14 billion in aid to Israel: it passed.

If you live outside Washington, that doesn’t sound strange. Of course, the House passed the bill! Israel is our strongest Middle Eastern ally. And they are fighting for their survival against Hamas terrorists. 

This vote may seem normal to most Americans, but it was greeted with shrieking anger inside the Beltway.

Washington insiders think that any money we send to Israel must be contingent on sending more aid to Ukraine and other countries, too. Elites in the House and the Senate, in both parties, the media, and, of course, in the Biden Administration all said we can’t send money to Jerusalem unless we send it to Kyiv, too.

That gives you a sense of how upside-down Swamp-Think really is.

Aid to Israel is not controversial. Americans overwhelmingly support it. The Israeli government is a trusted, proven ally. We know they will use the money well. And we know they have a strategy to win their war against Hamas. 

We can’t say the same about Ukraine right now. Its government is corrupt. Ukrainian officials are stealing untold piles of the cash we send. And neither the Ukrainians nor President Biden has a plan for ending, let alone winning, the war.

That’s why House Republicans brought a stand-alone Israel aid package to the floor and why it easily passed. It’s also why conservatives across the country believe additional aid to Ukraine needs to have accountability standards attached to it to protect American interests.

The flags of Israel and the United States (U.S. Air Force / Tech. Sgt. Matthew Plew)

It’s not complicated. Americans support Israel; they don’t support forever wars. Too many elites in Washington and around the world take almost the opposite view. Just look at the anti-Semitic violence on display on college campuses and in left-wing enclaves of blue cities and states.

Good on House Republicans and new Speaker Mike Johnson for following the lead of the House Freedom Caucus on this issue and taking this important step. Let President Biden and globalist Senate leaders in both parties explain why aid to our Israeli allies should be delayed. Let them explain why Ukraine needs another blank check and why our allies in Israel need to wait in line until they get it.

We have a feeling that those explanations will tell American voters a lot about the difference between our country and our political class — and about how to vote in primary and general elections next year.

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