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In Washington, the “official narrative” says that establishment Republicans are serious, substantive legislators, while conservatives are loud, backseat drivers who don’t care about policy.

The opposite is true.

Quick: what was Kevin McCarthy’s big policy agenda? What has Mitt Romney ever reformed? What does Mitch McConnell believe about anything other than his own entitlement to power?

No, the real reason Establishment Republicans hate movement conservatives in Congress is that we are focused on policy. We’re not interested in deals — we’re interested in substantive policy wins.

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That’s why the corporate media is freaking out about House conservatives already writing legislation for the next conservative president in 2025.

Axios just wrote a breathless story about conservatives introducing bills that would end mask mandates, affirmative action, and birthright citizenship. They are outraged over a bill to make gender-affirming therapies on minors a federal felony. 

Other outlets have pearl-clutched about conservative plans to:

  • secure the Southern border,

  • build the wall,

  • ban pornography,

  • rein in Big Tech,

  • protect kids from social media, and

  • protect unborn children from abortion.

This is what leftist activists and reporters are really worried about when they say conservatives are destroying “norms.” The only norm they care about is the norm of Republican timidity and deference.

Freedom Caucus conservatives are interested in different norms — like protecting our nation, our kids, and our values. All three have been under attack for decades — attacked by our own government at our expense.

Establishment Republicans aren’t interested in fundamental change. They aren’t interested in changing the status quo. That status quo has made them all rich and powerful — even as our nation descended into debt, decadence, and decline.

Real conservatives are not interested in “norms” that gave us open borders, rigged elections, forever wars, and a fentanyl-fueled crime wave. Neither are we at the House Freedom Fund.

Every candidate HFF endorses understands America is in grave peril and is ready to fight for her. They understand the woke Left is an enemy of our values and freedom. They understand our Constitution is under assault everywhere the Left governs. They understand that going along to get along is a one-way ticket to tyranny.

And the candidates we support understand that they’re not just fighting against the Left — they are fighting for America. That’s why they are serious, substantive policy leaders and not shallow, feckless RINOs the media holds up as respectful. Men and women who politely cooperate with arsonists burning down their own homes are not honorable and dignified — they are either cowards or conspirators.

America doesn’t need any more Establishment Republicans.

HFF is building a conservative bench in the House, a new conservative movement across the country, and a new conservative direction for our country. 

Thank you for being part of our team and helping us change the narrative — the norms — and reclaim the future of our nation.


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