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The U.S. House of Representatives just passed a resolution overturning President Joe Biden’s latest attack against the Second Amendment.

The legislation, sponsored by House Freedom Caucus member Andrew Clyde (R-GA), is aimed at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms’ unconstitutional “pistol brace” rule. The rule would require owners of pistol braces to register with the federal government — an obvious first step toward the national gun registry Democrats have wanted for years.

There had been reports that Republican leaders tried to quash the vote to punish Clyde and other Freedom Caucus conservatives for opposing the debt-ceiling deal. But unlike in the past, establishment leaders don’t have that kind of power anymore. The vote was scheduled and 217 Republicans and two Democrats sent it to the Senate.

In this crucial debate, Andrew Clyde and the Freedom Caucus showed conservatives across the country how we can win in Washington. If we stand up for Americans’ rights and values, we can take on the Left and timid leaders in the GOP simultaneously — and they can’t stop us.

This is the exact strategy House Freedom Fund brings to every election cycle. We’re not interested in what Washington insiders say we may do — we do what patriotic Americans must do. 

We fight.

In Republican primaries against the corporate establishment. In general elections against woke, socialist Democrats. In red states, purple states, and even blue states — wherever fighting, principled conservatives stand up for their country, HFF will stand up for them.

In 2024, thanks to your help, we will fight harder and in more races than ever before. For our guns, our Constitution, our families, and our values — like Andrew Clyde on the pistol brace resolution, we will fight until the fight is won.

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