RINO-PAC Targets Conservatives – House Freedom Fund

A powerful liberal Republican PAC just announced it will spend $3 million to defeat conservatives in open GOP primary elections this year.

You may have heard of the “Republican Main Street Partnership” before. It’s the Swampy fraternity of pro-abortion, pro-amnesty, and big-government Republicans in Congress. They raise millions from corporations, lobbyists, and even Democrats.

And in 2024, they have one mission: to defeat conservative congressional candidates. They are openly branding themselves as “the counterbalance to the House Freedom Caucus.” 

You read that right. The RINOs want to counterbalance against:

  • Border security

  • The Right to Life

  • Safe streets

  • Standing up to Communist China

  • Religious liberty

  • The 2nd Amendment

  • Energy independence

  • Protecting kids from indoctrination and grooming

  • Free speech

  • American First foreign policy

They might as well call themselves “RINO-PAC.” 

Conservatives can’t control what liberal billionaires do, but we can fight to defend and grow the House Freedom Caucus. 

Supporting the House Freedom Fund’s priority candidates is how conservatives can fight back. The men and women HFF endorses are not just running to win seats; they’re running to save our country. 

Click here to support HFF and our priority candidates today.

As you know, in red districts, the Republican primary is the election. That’s why RINO PAC and their corporate cronies are pouring millions into these races. They want to buy the majority so it will serve the nation’s capital instead of the nation.

Grassroots conservatives like you are the only chance we have to answer this threat to America’s future.

We know how to win these fights. We have defeated numerous Establishment Republicans, and we’ve been doing it for years.

Please help us by contributing to our priority candidates today!

We can’t let RINO-PAC and the Woke Industrial Complex continue to weaken the backbone of the House majority.

Please support the Freedom Caucus conservatives BEFORE THE PRIMARIES, so your contribution can do the most good.

Thank you for being part of our team and helping us fight for America’s future.

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