Ringing Endorsement – House Freedom Fund

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy just gave the House Freedom Caucus the most glowing endorsement of the year!

The former establishment congressman told Fox Business that the Freedom Caucus is the reason Republicans can’t cut backroom deals with Democrats like they used to.

“They are the ones who have stopped the Republicans from being able to govern,” McCarthy said.

In one sense, this is nonsense. Sour grapes from a failed politician. McCarthy knows first-hand that Freedom Caucus conservatives are practically the only Republican members of Congress who are governing.

  • They are the ones investigating Joe Biden’s corruption;

  • Holding crooks and woke extremists in the Administration to account;

  • Blocking bad policy; and

  • Passing good legislation through the House.

But what McCarthy really means is that the Freedom Caucus fought to stop him — and now his flailing successor, Speaker Mike Johnson — from breaking promises they made to voters. Freedom Caucus conservatives fight to stop them from capitulating to the Democrats’ policy schemes, and they fight to stop them from selling out our principles and our people.

That’s why Johnson is stuck. It’s why McCarthy failed. Not because we prevent them from governing. But because we prevent them from governing … as liberals!

McCarthy thinks he criticized the Freedom Caucus, but he really gave them a ringing endorsement!

Freedom Caucus conservatives are fighting for America. And the House Freedom Fund is fighting for them. 

We are the only organization in the country exclusively dedicated to electing — and re-electing — Freedom Caucus conservatives to Congress. 

Unlike other committees, we actually raise money FOR our candidates. As you know, we raise contributions for candidates, pay all of the fundraising expenses, and then transfer 100% of those donations directly to their campaigns. Like the Freedom Caucus itself, HFF is in this fight for one reason: to save our country.

So, if you don’t like the way the GOP Establishment “governs” and you want to elect true conservative leaders who will keep their word, then you are in the right place.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to help us fight for America’s future.

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