PayPal and the Left

PayPal just made the one mistake that woke, fascist Democrats can’t afford: they accidentally told the truth.

On October 8, the online payment giant said they would start seizing up to $2,500 from account holders who spread “misinformation.” You read that right: Big Tech is planning to steal your money if you disagree with them about politics.

This is not the free market. This is not democracy. It’s fascism, pure and simple. It’s Big Business colluding with Big Government to snuff out dissent from anti-American, left-wing tyranny.

The backlash was immediate and furious. Patriots across the country canceled their PayPal accounts. PayPal quickly backpedaled and said the whole thing was a misunderstanding.

But that’s a lie. This is exactly what the woke left believes. They don’t see patriotic conservatives and churchgoers as political opponents to be defeated but as sub-human enemies to be destroyed.

They don’t think pro-life churches should have religious freedom. They don’t think conservatives should have free speech. They don’t think we should have banks or get mortgages. They don’t think we should have property rights. They don’t think we should be able to raise our kids according to our values.

Woke fascism is coming for us, but the House Freedom Caucus is coming for them!

The November elections aren’t just a referendum on Joe Biden’s failed two years in office. It’s a choice about whether America will remain a free country or become a woke dictatorship.

I know you’re ready. I know you’re going to vote. I know you’ll speak out for our values and hold election workers accountable.

But we need to do more.

House Freedom Fund is rallying conservatives around the country to elect the best crop of young, principled leaders we’ve ever seen. We recruited, vetted, endorsed, and fought for these candidates in their primaries against corporate RINOs.

Now we’re in the end game. Between now and election day, we’re not fighting to fight; we have to fight to win.

Help us fight to win a conservative House!

Big Tech, Big Business, Big Labor, Big Media, and Big Government are all teaming up for one final push before November to destroy conservative candidates. They think PayPal is only the beginning.

We have to fight to make sure PayPal’s fascist power grab is the end.

The only way to do that is to elect a conservative House that will flood Wall Street, Silicon Valley, and The Swamp with subpoenas — and the White House with conservative legislation.

We have to show the woke socialist elite once and for all that America belongs to the American people.

Help fight back against woke fascism by supporting our conservative candidates today!

Thank you for considering this urgent request and for doing so much to fight for America’s future!

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