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Border security isn’t just about the border; it’s about the whole country. Lawlessness anywhere breeds crime everywhere.

That’s the real outrage of Joe Biden’s open borders policy. Violent criminals are being set free in our communities every day.

The country is still in shock over the murder of Georgia nursing student Laken Riley by an illegal Venezuelan immigrant last month. But the violence being inflicted on American communities by Biden’s border negligence is everywhere.

A Salvadoran illegal was just arrested for the murder of a 2-year-old Maryland boy.

A Dominican illegal wanted for first-degree murder was recently arrested in upstate New York.

An “undocumented migrant” with an expired visa was just indicted for the murder of a 16-year-old high school student in Texas.

That’s just in the last few weeks! 

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Since President Biden opened the border and stopped deporting foreign criminals, the tragedies have piled up. His record will be measured by history according to the surge in thefts, assaults, rapes, child abuse, and murders. 

The Left says these are exceptions, statistical aberrations. They’re not.

More than 600,000 illegals sneak through our borders every year, while nearly half of those who are arrested have criminal records, with an average of four charges and convictions! The crime caused by illegal immigration is so bad that almost two-thirds of all federal arrests involve noncitizens!

This has to stop. And it won’t until Congress stops it.

That’s why the House Freedom Caucus has taken a stand against any more funding for Joe Biden’s lawless administration until the border is secured.

  • No money for Biden’s corrupt Homeland Security Department.

  • No money for his weaponized Justice Department.

  • No money for his woke Education Department or his out-of-control Deep State.

Joe Biden’s open borders policy has made America — has made you and your family — unsafe. We can’t keep funding their battle against the rule of law and public safety.

But that’s what the Republican Establishment just did! They passed yet another short-term spending bill to keep Biden’s government up and running. 

They are literally more afraid of mean headlines from the woke media than they are of violent criminals preying on their constituents!

That’s why the House Freedom Fund is working so hard this year to identify and elect principled conservatives to the House.


Only by electing patriots like these will things change in the House, in Washington, at the border, and across the country. The Left and the GOP Establishment’s first priority is keeping the government funded — even if it’s actively working to make our lives worse and communities more dangerous.

Our priority is saving our country from the crime and violence now at our throats because of Joe Biden’s border crisis.

Your support for HFF and our candidates is the best way to help make Congress more conservative, our borders more secure, and our neighborhoods safer.

Please don’t sit on the sidelines. Don’t just read the news and get upset. Take Action. If grassroots conservatives want to fight back, we have to fight now.

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