OK-02: Support Josh Brecheen

House Freedom Fund is proud to endorse Josh Brecheen for Congress in Oklahoma’s 2nd District.

Josh is a conservative’s conservative with a long record of principled service and a fighting spirit.

He’s a fourth-generation rancher and a small business owner. Early in his career, he served the great Sen. Tom Coburn as a state field representative – helping Oklahomans in their struggles against federal incompetence and corruption.

In the Oklahoma State Senate, Josh fought against big government, Common Core, and abortion. He’s a reformer who walked away from power to keep his self-term limit pledge.

Josh Brecheen is the only conservative in this race and needs your urgent support to win the primary election runoff on August 23.

Please make an urgent donation to his campaign now!

Josh is running for the House now on the issues that matter most:

  • Border security
  • Election integrity
  • Safe streets
  • The right to life
  • School choice
  • The Second Amendment

Josh Brecheen is ready to take on the woke socialists in The Swamp. He’s in this fight for the right reason – and to win.

Please join Josh and the conservative movement today!

Josh’s Republican runoff opponent, Avery Frix, is a classic big-government, corporate Republican. In the legislature, he fought to increase spending and calls it an “investment” that creates “returns” for the state. This is the language of Beltway elites in both parties. Avery Frix would fit in with the crowd in Washington.

But we can’t give him that chance.

Conservatives in Oklahoma and around the country are rallying to support Josh Brecheen’s campaign. And the House Freedom Fund is all in to win this race.

Josh Brecheen has proven he will fight for the Constitution, for American sovereignty, and for you. His opponent won’t fight at all – he’ll do whatever the lobbyists tell him.

Please support Josh Brecheen now!

HFF will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your contribution to his campaign.

You know the kind of Republicans we need in Congress and the kind we already have too much of!

Join us today to support Josh Brecheen for Congress.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to help defend and expand the Freedom Caucus in Washington.

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