OK-01: Support Andy Coleman for Congress

One of the best prospects conservatives have this year in the midterm elections is Air Force veteran Andy Coleman (R-OK).

Andy is running for Congress in Oklahoma’s 1st district to replace Congressman Jim Bridenstine (R-OK) who was recently confirmed as President Trump’s NASA Administrator.

Andy Coleman is a rock-solid, full-spectrum conservative who will fight for the principles of freedom that make our country great.

He’s the battle-tested conservative in this race who will help President Trump drain the swamp!

Please join me in supporting Andy Coleman by making a contribution to his campaign through the House Freedom Fund.

HFF will pay all processing expenses and transfer 100% of your donation directly to his campaign.

This is urgent.

The primary election in Oklahoma is on June 26th so we need to act quickly to get him the support he needs.

There are several Republicans running for the nomination in this solid Republican district, but Andy Coleman is the only candidate we can rely on to consistently fight for less government and more freedom.

Please donate to Andy Coleman’s campaign right now.

Thank you for supporting the House Freedom Fund and for doing so much to help elect conservatives to Congress.

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