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Have you heard? Washington is OUTRAGED. The media is aghast. Leaders in both are furious. Why?

It’s not because of the spiraling national debt or the war in Ukraine, the Hunter Biden scandals, or even the banana republic persecution of Donald Trump.

No, the Washington Establishment is fine with all that. What they’re upset about is that the House Freedom Caucus just called on Congress to secure the border as part of its upcoming budget for the next fiscal year.

Seriously, that’s it. That’s the outrageous scandal.

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Millions of illegal immigrants have crossed our borders already. Millions more are planning to come. Mexican drug cartels have seized control of the routes north, trafficking drugs and humans among the caravans. We’re drowning in fentanyl. Migrants are dying — women and children. Crime is spiking. It’s a humanitarian crisis and a direct threat to the rule of law in our country.

And Washington’s concern is that someone wants to fix it?!

This is precisely why we need the House Freedom Caucus fighting in Congress. Both party establishments have been so warped by Swamp thinking that they see problems as good and solutions as bad!

It’s only once a year, when the Deep State comes to Congress for its money that conservatives have a real shot at reform. We have the leverage to force change — it’s just a question of using it or not.

House leaders don’t want to use it. They are afraid of the Democrats threatening to shut down the government over an actual spending debate. Neither party in Washington is really willing to fight to secure the border.

The American people know we must fix this problem — and the House Freedom Caucus is standing with them.

They shouldn’t be the only ones. That’s why the House Freedom Fund is scouring the nation this year to identify the best, toughest, most principled conservative candidates for the House of Representatives.

We are helping them win in 2024 to expand the fight for freedom in Congress.

The campaign is officially on. Presidential candidates are already debating. House and Senate primaries are shaping into form. The fight this fall over the border and the budget will be a preview of GOP primary campaigns across the country — do we want politicians with Washington values or leaders with American values?

HFF is only interested in one kind. That’s who we will be supporting in the budget battle this fall. That’s who will be supporting in House races next year. That’s who the American people need to save our country from its ruinous path.

No security, no funding — period.

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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