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As soon as Speaker of the House Mike Johnson (R-La.) was elected, the media started writing about how Washington would change.

But the biggest story here is how little has changed in the country. Think about it.

  • We still have a president in serious mental decline, controlled by a staff of Marxist kooks. 

  • We still have a Democrat Party bent on open borders despite drugs and criminals pouring into our country.

  • They still want to gut the Second Amendment.

  • We’re still funding international organizations and universities consumed with anti-Semitic hate.

  • We’re still going broke, with Biden-flation and spiking interest rates strangling our economy.

We like Speaker Mike Johnson and wish him well. But the threats our country faces today aren’t about congressional inside baseball and continuing resolution deadlines. We’re in big trouble.

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-Louisiana)

Most Washington Republicans say the solution to these larger problems is a larger House Republican majority. But a larger majority made up of RINOs — like the ones who stabbed Jim Jordan in the back — won’t do any good.

What we need are real conservatives, real fighters who understand the urgency of the moment.

Are the Republicans in your neck of the woods willing to secure the border, defund woke extremism, or end forever wars? Are they willing to end Swamp corruption or cut off cities and states that defy federal law? If not, then what good are they?

The world is on fire, the nation is coming apart at the seams, and the political Establishment thinks everything is hunky-dory. They are not working for us. They’re not working for America. They are working for Washington and against the rest of us.

It needs to stop. And conservatives are the only ones who can stop it.

We wish Speaker Johnson well. We supported him in his first election to Congress in 2016, and we welcome his leadership in the fight. But all conservatives should pray that this new Speaker understands: it’s the fight that matters, not a gavel, not one politician, not a job.

The country doesn’t need a new face; it needs a new direction.

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