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We are very proud to announce two new candidate endorsements — Mark Harris (NC-08) and Fred Von Canon (NC-13).

They are principled leaders who are running strong campaigns and join the House Freedom Caucus once elected.

Mark Harris and Fred Von Canon

Mark Harris (NC-08) and Fred Von Canon (NC-13)

Please join us in supporting these outstanding candidates by making a contribution to their campaigns today!

As you know, House Freedom Fund will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your candidate contributions directly to their campaigns.

Mark Harris

Mark Harris is a symbol of faith, family, and service. Raised with strong values of hard work and patriotism, he pursued a career in ministry after earning a degree in Political Science, leading to impactful pastoral roles in North Carolina and Georgia. As President of the North Carolina Baptist Convention, he contributed significantly to the passage of the 2012 Marriage Amendment.

Now a congressional candidate, Mark is committed to representing North Carolinians, advocating for border security, less spending, and family values. Despite election challenges and intense media scrutiny, he stands resilient and dedicated to defending our nation’s founding principles. He has the kind of backbone we desperately need in Congress.

Fred Von Canon

Fred Von Canon’s life is a testament to his dedication to hard work, conservative principles, and self-made success. Raised in poverty, he learned the importance of hard work early on, a lesson that stayed with him as he enlisted in the military and later when building his own business and a popular barbecue restaurant.

Despite facing numerous challenges, Fred’s faith and work ethic helped him overcome many obstacles. His journey, marked by discipline and sacrifice, reflects his commitment to limited government and individual freedom.

A veteran, businessman, family man, and servant leader, Fred Von Canon is an exceptional candidate worthy of your support.

Election Update

The primary election in North Carolina is on March 5, so we don’t have a lot of time. It is very important that every House Freedom Caucus supporter work together to help these candidates raise the money they need to win.

Please donate to their campaigns today.

If a candidate in North Carolina wins 30% plus one vote in the primary election, they win the nomination. However, if no candidate reaches that threshold, the runner-up may request a runoff election on May 14.

Also, in Colorado, Rep. Lauren Boebert is now running in a much stronger Republican district, the 4th, where Rep. Ken Buck is retiring. She continues to have our full support, and we will be monitoring the race to see how best to help her win.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to promote the House Freedom Caucus. We’re grateful for your support.

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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