NC-09: Next Special Election

Thanks to your generous support, we have already won two major victories in special elections this year.

We helped Fred Keller (R-PA) win the general election in May and we helped Dr. Greg Murphy (R-NC) win the primary election in July.

Now we need to win the next one by pushing Dan Bishop (R-NC) on to victory against liberal Dan McCready (D-NC).

Click here to support Dan Bishop for Congress!

This special election will be decided on Tuesday, September 10 so we don’t have a lot of time.

The Democrats’ liberal money machine is already pumping millions into this race and since Dan Bishop is a conservative we can’t count on the GOP establishment to go all-out to support him.

Liberal activists in California, New York, and other states outside of North Carolina understand the national implications of this race. Conservatives across the nation must understand the stakes too.

The winner will either support President Trump and the fight to secure our borders, balance the budget, and promote health care freedom or they will be fighting against these goals.

Please join us in supporting Dan Bishop for Congress by making an urgent donation to his campaign today!

House Freedom Fund will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your donation directly to his campaign.

Thank you for doing so much to help us grow the House Freedom Caucus by sending leaders to Washington who will keep their word and fight for less government and more freedom for all Americans.

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