NC-03: Big Win in North Carolina

We are very proud to report that conservative Dr. Greg Murphy (R-NC) won the Republican primary runoff election for Congress yesterday in North Carolina’s 3rd District.

As you know, Murphy was relentlessly attacked by the DC establishment with weeks of negative advertising. But thanks to your generous support and the efforts of our allies in the House Freedom Caucus, their efforts failed.

Murphy will now face Democrat Allen Thomas, the mayor of Greenville, NC, in the September 10th special election. The 3rd District is rated R+12 so Murphy has the advantage.

Thank you for helping us win this race.

Because of your support, the House Freedom Fund and our super PAC, House Freedom Action, were able to invest over $330,000 to counter the establishment’s attacks and push Murphy on to victory.

While we were outspent by more than 4-to-1 in this race, we had enough resources to neutralize our opponents’ efforts to mislead the voters in North Carolina.

The outcome in this race was also a devastating defeat for those in Washington who tried to use identity politics to elect another liberal politician.

The voters didn’t fall for it. Instead, they picked Greg Murphy because of his conservative record, not his gender.

Sadly, the Republicans who are trying to use gender as a political weapon against conservative candidates don’t seem to have a genuine interest in electing conservative women. If they did, they would have joined us in backing candidates like Mary Thomas (R-FL), Melanie Leneghan (R-OH), Christina Hagan (R-OH) and Yvette Herrell (R-NM) in primaries over their moderate male opponents.

We will continue to support principled conservatives for Congress regardless of gender or race. We need more leaders who will join the House Freedom Caucus and work together to advance the principles of freedom that make our country great.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to help us promote conservative leadership in Washington.

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