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Urgent news from The Swamp: Failed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has launched a personal vendetta against House conservatives. 

Politico reports that McCarthy has ordered his former donors and operatives to spend millions on primary challenges against any Republican who voted to boot him out of the Speaker’s chair.

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McCarthy’s tantrum may be unprecedented, petty, and even treason against conservatism. But let’s be honest. It’s not a surprise.

Kevin McCarthy has been an empty suit his entire career. 

He’s a counterfeit conservative who always served Washington and himself, not America. 

He’s finally revealing his true colors. 

Just weeks after quitting — and after years of promising he was “with us” — McCarthy is declaring open war on conservatives. 

Raising Establishment cash. Siccing Establishment consultants on a multi-million-dollar ego trip to elect RINOs to the House. And leaking the “secret plan” to friendly liberal reporters.

Outrageous? Definitely. Pathetic? Sure. 

But that doesn’t mean McCarthy’s millions won’t hit their conservative targets. 

So House Freedom Fund is stepping up, starting right now.

  • We are monitoring McCarthy’s PAC. 

  • We are raising funds to defend Freedom Caucus conservatives from McCarthy’s sneak attacks. 

  • And we are ready to go on offense against the RINO reptiles behind this.

Primary season is just around the corner. McCarthy’s PAC has all the cash it needs to carpet-bomb conservatives with false campaign ads. And the leftwing media is standing by to amplify those attacks.

We want to match them dollar for dollar, ad for ad.

That’s why HFF will send every dollar you donate to our candidates directly to their campaigns. We don’t charge our candidates a penny when we raise money for them. No hidden fees or expenses. Every dime goes to them and into the fight.

And in 2024, we know now we have to fight more than establishment leaders and the Left. We have to fight former Republican leaders, too.

But if we act quickly, we can seize this golden opportunity.

We can send a signal to McCarthy’s thugs that any money spent against the Freedom Caucus will be money wasted. And we can signal to our candidates that grassroots conservatives are ready for this fight.

Help conservatives beat Kevin McCarthy again — by donating today.

Freedom Caucus conservatives have our backs in Congress, so we have theirs on the campaign trail. Failed Speaker Kevin McCarthy picked this election fight. Now, conservatives must step up to win it.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to support the House Freedom Caucus.

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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