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The clock is officially ticking on open borders conspirator Alejandro Mayorkas’s tenure as Secretary of Homeland Security.

That’s the only conclusion from the latest report from the House Homeland Security Committee under Chairman — and Freedom Caucus stalwart — Rep. Mark Green.

The report documents how Mayorkas’s “open-borders policies have empowered and emboldened some of the most vicious, ruthless, and savage individuals and groups in the world.”

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas / Photo by World Travel & Tourism Council

It painstakingly details the direct and indirect assistance Mayorkas has provided to drug cartels and human smuggling rings while inviting drugs, criminals, and potential terrorists into our country.

Because of Mayorkas’s — and President Joe Biden’s — dereliction of duty on our southern border, the last two years have been the fattest in history for Mexico’s criminal cartels. They have turned human trafficking into a multi-billion dollar business — money they use to tighten their grip over Mexico and the border region. Customs and Border Control have seized nearly 20,000 pounds of fentanyl along the Southern border this year — that’s enough to kill every American twice over.

The crisis has gotten so bad that even left-wing mayors and governors are begging the Biden Administration to stop the flow of criminals into their cities and states. There are reports that Biden and Mayorkas may answer their requests by forcing illegal immigrants to stay in Texas — so Blue State elites won’t have to suffer the consequences of their lawless extremism.

Consequences for Mayorkas are no longer a question of if but when. Many House conservatives are — rightly — making the case for impeaching the corrupt Secretary. But as Rep. Chip Roy points out, we don’t have to wait that long – House control over federal spending is more than enough to end Mayorkas’s faithless execution of the law and rampant abuses of the power.

Throwing Mayorkas out of office would require Senate Democrats to abandon their own president and their own policy. Defunding Mayorkas and his illegal policy, on the other hand, only requires conservatives in the House to hold the line. That’s a fight we could win — and with the fiscal year ending September 30, that fight would be right around the corner.

Secretary Mayorkas has spent his entire tenure at DHS making America less safe and drug cartels more powerful. That’s more than a scandal — it’s disqualifying. And thanks to House Freedom Caucus leaders like Mark Green and Chip Roy, the whole country knows it.

Now it’s time for the rest of the GOP to do something about it.

House Freedom Fund, as always, will do our part. With your help, we will continue recruiting and supporting true conservatives to serve in Congress. 

Republican primary elections begin in just a few months. It’s game time now. This month’s DHS funding fight will help clarify who is serious about defending our border, our country, and our freedom.

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