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In February, four doctors who work at U.S. military installations wrote an article arguing that children as young as seven must have the right to chemically castrate themselves without parental consent.

Never mind that other countries are banning puberty blockers and “gender-affirming hormones” because they harm emotionally unwell children. This is Joe Biden’s Department of Defense: anti-family, anti-child, anti-science.

This is a scandal. It should be a crime.

But in Washington, it would have been a non-story except for the guts and hard work of U.S. Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL).

U.S. Rep. Mary Miller (R-IL) speaks at a press conference.

As soon as she heard about this outrage, Miller wrote a letter to Biden’s Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin with two other colleagues. Her letter demands answers about the quacks apparently working for the Pentagon:

“Have you fired” the authors of the paper “demanding the chemical castration of seven year old children?”

“Does the Biden Administration agree … that a seven year old can make decisions about life-changing hormone injections?”

“Will DOD use taxpayer funds to perform ‘gender transition’ procedures on minors”?

Without any scientific evidence, the Administration has previously said that hormone therapies and surgeries are “life-saving” and “medically necessary.” This is scientifically baseless and morally monstrous.

These four doctors published their article because they didn’t think they could be held accountable. But conservatives like Mary Miller and others in the Freedom Caucus are committed to exposing just this kind of evil inside the Deep State.

We will report back on this as new information arises. Until then, it’s just one more reminder why supporting fighting, principled leaders in Congress is so important.

Democrats have gone full woke, and establishment Republicans won’t lift a finger to stop them. Only true, patriotic conservatives — like you — can save America from the woke conspiracy to prey on our kids and destroy our nation.

House Freedom Fund is proud to support Mary Miller and other leaders fighting back against the woke horror movie Joe Biden is inflicting on us all.

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