Left Freaks Out Over Border Demands – House Freedom Fund

The House Freedom Caucus laid a trap, and the Left walked right into it.

In August, members of the HFC announced they would oppose any spending bill this fall that does not secure our southern border and “force the Biden Administration to follow the law and fulfill its most basic responsibilities.”

It’s hard to argue with them, given the trauma, violence, and death Joe Biden’s border crisis has created.

Thanks to Biden’s refusal to stop the invasion, crime is spiking. Fentanyl and crystal meth are pouring into our country. Mexican drug cartels are making billions off of human trafficking. Even blue cities and states are begging the president for help.

But when House conservatives called for action to secure the border as part of any budget deal this month, the Left threw a fit.

Congressional Democrats shrieked about a possible government shutdown. The media posted story after story about all the government programs that could be compromised. The president called it a “problem.”

In other words, the Left just proved the House Freedom Caucus’s point!

They all just admitted they don’t care about the crime, drugs, trafficking, and lawlessness on our southern border. No, their real concern is funding the left-wing bureaucracies of the federal Deep State.

They care more about their woke base than they do about the constitutional and humanitarian disaster they have created. 

This is exactly why conservatives should be joining the House Freedom Caucus in demanding border security as part of any spending legislation for the next fiscal year.

House Freedom Fund certainly will be. We will be supporting leaders who take this stand against fiscal insanity and border chaos. And we will only support House candidates in 2024 who share the same courage and principles on the campaign trail.

The fact that establishment Republicans are telling the media they agree with the Democrats’ fear of a government shutdown shows how badly we need more true conservatives in Congress.

House Freedom Fund will be working to support several priority candidates this fall and could endorse more in the weeks ahead. Stay tuned…

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