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The clock is ticking, and Republican leaders in Washington have failed to produce annual spending bills to fund the government and keep their promises to voters.

It’s the same old story.

Leaders in Washington wait until the eleventh hour to pass the annual appropriations bills and then falsely accuse anyone who objects to a giant, budget-busting omnibus bill of shutting down the government.

We’ve said it before, and we will keep saying it. Until Republican leaders overcome their fears of a government shutdown and work together to win this argument, they will never accomplish anything meaningful in Congress.

You see, the annual spending bills are essentially the only must-pass bills that give Republicans the opportunity to make real reforms. So, when they take them off the table and refuse to fight the Democrats, they give up their leverage.

Surrendering the budget debate not only keeps Republicans from accomplishing their stated goals but, even worse, it gives the Democrats a blank check to accomplish their destructive woke agenda. It’s a total leadership shutdown.

Thankfully, members of the House Freedom Caucus have been fighting for real spending cuts and to secure the border. Their proposal would keep the promises Republicans made to the voters and fund government operations. It’s the best option Republicans have, but their leaders must be willing to fight.

The House Freedom Caucus is our only voice in Washington, and your efforts to back them up are more important than ever.

As the end-of-the-month deadline nears, please support the Freedom Caucus by donating to the House Freedom Fund and any of our priority candidates.

As you know, HFF pays all processing fees for your candidate contributions and transfers 100% directly to their campaigns.

Thank you for being part of our team and doing so much to help fight for America’s future. We’re grateful for your support!

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