Kevin McCarthy Targets Top House Conservative

If you’re tired of spineless Republicans selling out our country, then please read this email carefully.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his Establishment allies are dumping millions of dollars into a congressional race in Virginia to defeat conservative Congressman Bob Good, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.

They aren’t spending the money to defeat a liberal Democrat. No! They are targeting a conservative warrior in a Republican primary election.


Because Kevin McCarthy and his allies want to punish conservatives like Bob Good for ousting him as Speaker and standing up for our freedoms, and most importantly, they want to discourage other conservatives from fighting for us in the future.

Please stand with Bob Good by making a contribution to his campaign now.

There is no time to waste. We need every conservative who reads this to take immediate action. The Republican primary election in Virginia is on June 18, and early voting has already begun!!

U.S. Congressman Bob Good (R-VA)

If we don’t lock arms and stand with Bob Good and the House Freedom Caucus in this race, Kevin McCarthy and his cronies will get their way — they will defeat a conservative warrior who has fought the Swamp and discourage other leaders from fighting for our values, too.

Take action now and send the RINOs a message!

And if the targeting of a strong conservative wasn’t bad enough, consider the state legislator they are propping up to challenge Bob Good in the Republican primary.

John McGuire is a true RINO who will stab us in the back faster than you can say, Kevin McCarthy.

❌  John McGuire voted to give taxpayer-funded college tuition assistance to illegal immigrants.

❌  John McGuire said that our country was too lenient when it comes to gun regulations, and he even spoke at an anti-gun rally.

❌  John McGuire voted for a bill that would allow people to steal things worth up to $500 without being charged with a felony.

❌  John McGuire voted to raise gas taxes and even to make it easier for local governments to raise or impose new taxes.

❌  John McGuire said he doesn’t consider himself a Republican or a Democrat and has repeatedly praised Democrats like Ralph Northam, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama.

You can see why Kevin McCarthy and his allies want this fraud Republican in Congress.

Please take action and donate to Bob Good’s campaign.

House Freedom Fund will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your contribution directly to his campaign. He’s up against millions in outside spending, so he needs every dollar you can give.

This congressional race in Virginia has national implications that will impact all Americans. Please don’t sit this one out. The House Freedom Caucus and conservatives need your help now.

Thank you for considering this urgent request and doing so much to help fight for America’s future.

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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