JORDAN: Biden’s Socialist Agenda

From the moment Joe Biden took the oath of office on January 20, you and I have known what we’re up against. After Biden’s recent speech to Congress, EVERYONE knows.

Now that he’s in power, all the phony promises of “unity” have been thrown overboard. It’s crystal clear now that Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Chuck Schumer, and Nancy Pelosi want to advance the most radical, socialistic agenda in our lifetime:

❌ Amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants;
❌ Gun control and confiscation;
❌ Racist indoctrination of students and workers;
❌ Crackdowns on conservatives’ freedom of speech and religion; and
❌ Making “wokeness” America’s state religion.

The House of Representatives is the front line in the fight for America’s soul. It is the fight – right here, right now – that the House Freedom Fund was created to win.

For too long, conservatives had to ask establishment Republicans in The Swamp to fight for our principles and our country. They never did.

Now, we have a caucus of conservatives who listen to their voters and are working to stop the progressive Left. But we need your help to increase our numbers!

The 2022 election cycle is now underway, and the outlook is very promising. Democrat voters were nowhere to be found in the recent special election primary in TX-06 where no Democrat finished in the top two and now have no candidate on the ballot for the general election. With a highly motived voter base, Republicans are positioned to gain seats in the mid-term elections next year.

The only question is, what kind of Republicans?

We know what kind the Washington establishment wants: elitist, globalist, accommodating, and scared of the Left. We can’t let them decide! HFF’s mission is to Make the House Great Again with tough conservatives who stick to their principles.

Please support the House Freedom Fund today!

HFF puts candidates through the most intensive interview process in American politics – weeding out the schemers, climbers, and appeasers. HFF doesn’t support career politicians. It supports HEROES. And when they do, these candidates win.

In the 2020 election cycle, HFF invested more than $16 million into 52 House races and helped 44 candidates win. That’s an 85% winning percentage, even in a year when Republicans lost the House!

Today, HFF’s favorite candidates have become the STRONGEST members of Congress. Leaders like Andy Biggs, Lauren Boebert, Scott Perry, Byron Donalds, and others.

HFF is taking back the Republican Party from Big Business, Big Tech, and Big Government politicians.

HFF’s job right now is to identify and recruit real fighters from coast to coast and then pour resources into their races to make sure the next Republican majority is committed to making America great again.

HFF is the only organization exclusively dedicated to winning the House of Representatives not for a party or an interest but patriots like YOU. With your help, we can elect a new class of lawmakers who will fight to:

✅ Build the border wall;
✅ Re-open America’s schools and economy;
✅ Protect girls’ sports from woke insanity;
✅ Protect the Second Amendment from gun-grabbers; and
✅ Take on Big Tech’s woke-capital abuse.

We can win these fights, but we can’t do it without you.

Please join me today in supporting the House Freedom Fund with a generous contribution to invest in the future of our movement and the survival of our country.

We need you. We need EVERYONE.



U.S. Congressman, R-Ohio

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