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The government funding deal proposed by House Speaker Mike Johnson and Senator Chuck Schumer is unacceptable — it spends too much and fails to secure our borders.

That’s why eleven members of the House Freedom Caucus successfully took down the procedural rule to bring an unrelated bill to the floor last week. It alerted Speaker Johnson to the fight he will have with conservatives if he does not change course.

“My hope is to persuade the speaker and the leadership and the entire Republican conference to not follow through with the deal,” said House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good (R-VA). “The deal … doesn’t secure the border and … doesn’t cut our spending, and it’s going to be passed apparently … with predominantly Democrat votes.”

Johnson-Schumer Budget Deal

Chart by Center for Renewing America

Unfortunately, the Johnson-Schumer deal is much higher than the Limit, Save, Grow Act proposed by members of the House Freedom Caucus, higher than a simple yearlong continuing resolution, and even higher than the FY23 spending deal put together by former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Thankfully, we have leaders in the House Freedom Caucus who won’t accept this deal without a fight. Here are the eleven Caucus members who took a stand last week and voted to take down the rule last week to send Speaker Johnson a message:

  1. Andy Biggs (AZ)

  2. Eric Burlison (MO)

  3. Eli Crane (AZ)

  4. Bob Good (VA)

  5. Paul Gosar (AZ)

  6. Anna Paulina Luna (FL)

  7. Ralph Norman (SC)

  8. Andy Ogles (TN)

  9. Scott Perry (PA)

  10. Matt Rosendale (MT)

  11. Chip Roy (TX)

Please help us stand with these and other leaders in the House Freedom Caucus by supporting the House Freedom Fund.

The Republican Establishment won’t support these conservatives. They would prefer that they lose their elections and get replaced with spineless politicians who won’t rock the boat. But we can keep that from happening if we work together. We may not have as much money as the party bosses in DC, but we have more numbers.

This budget fight is very important, so please stand with the House Freedom Caucus at this critical time.

The House Freedom Fund is the only political organization in America exclusively dedicated to supporting the House Freedom Caucus. There is no better way to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with these courageous leaders than by supporting the House Freedom Fund.

Thank you for being part of our team and doing so much to fight for the principles of freedom that make America great.

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