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House Speaker Mike Johnson, congressional Democrats, and President Joe Biden have an agreement to fund Biden’s administration for another year. 

Conservatives are outraged. Liberals are triumphant. And Establishment Republicans are … quiet.

They are not celebrating their “deal.” They know it spends more than Nancy Pelosi had proposed. They know they are endorsing another trillion-dollar annual deficit. They know the budget does nothing to secure our border. They know grassroots conservatives won’t like the deal. And so their strategy is to not talk about it.

They want to pass the bill — without reading it, of course — and then go on recess for a few weeks and hope no one notices.

House Speaker Mike Johnson / Photo by Gage Skidmore

As always, their answer to conservative frustration is, “Now is not the time to fight.” Democrats control the White House and the Senate, they say. We don’t want a shutdown. So let’s “punt,” they say, until some future date when fighting makes more sense.

Except… that’s what they have been saying for decades!

Before Mike Johnson said it, John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and Kevin McCarthy said it. It’s what they always say! Republican leaders’ timeline for cutting spending is like Homer Simpson’s strategy on dieting — always tomorrow, never today.

This year, the federal government is poised to spend 60% more than in Donald Trump’s first year in office! The budget “deal” Republican leaders just agreed to will authorize almost as much as we spent during the Covid pandemic year of 2020! We’ve added $10 trillion to the national debt just since then!

And the deal fails to address any of the crises Biden has caused. The trillions included won’t secure the border or deport the millions of illegals Biden has welcomed into our communities. They won’t deter China. They won’t end the woke-city crime spree. They won’t protect our kids from opioids, porn, and failing schools. 

On the contrary, they will fund Biden’s lawless, malignant incompetence.

The country is coming apart at the seams. The president and his administration are weaponizing the federal government against anyone who criticizes them. They are literally trying to bankrupt and imprison the Republican presidential candidate! That’s what the bipartisan budget “deal” will fund.

If Washington Republicans won’t fight now, they never will.

Unless we make them.

The Swamp thinks the problem in Congress is that the House Freedom Caucus has too much power. The real problem is they don’t have enough. Every Freedom Caucus conservative we can elect is a vote they don’t own and cannot buy.

When the Freedom Caucus was founded, the Establishment dismissed us. Now, they fear us. After November, if we win enough seats, the Establishment will follow us.

If we want to lead tomorrow, we have to fight today. 

House Freedom Fund fights every day to elect principled conservatives to the U.S. House of Representatives. It’s our only mission. That’s why the Swamp hates us.

Conservatives give to HFF for one reason: to help save America.

So, please support our priority candidates today.

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Thank you for being part of our team and doing so much to help us fight for America’s future.

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