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A strange narrative is swirling around Washington, D.C. People speculate that Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s decision to open an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden’s corruption means the House majority won’t demand crucial spending priorities in the fall budget fight.

The idea is apparently that if Republicans enforce the constitutional rule of law on Biden, they can’t demand fiscal discipline and moral sanity in the budget.

How about Yes/And, Mr. Speaker?

Members of Congress don’t get to pick and choose which part of their oaths of office they want to uphold. 

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy / Photo by Matt Johnson

If evidence continues to show that Hunter and Joe Biden were involved in a years-long scheme of bribery and influence peddling, then the president MUST be impeached.

Meanwhile, the federal budget deficit doubled this year to $2 trillion — in peacetime, with no pandemic or global crisis. And the $5 trillion Washington spent this year is funding: 

  • Criminally weaponized agencies, 

  • Censorship schemes, 

  • Woke indoctrination in our schools,

  • Religious persecution, and

  • Abortions for military personnel.

Republicans cannot duck either one of these fights! 

The Constitution requires Congress to hold the president accountable for his high crimes and misdemeanors — and protect the rule of law and the nation’s fiscal solvency. Tough talk and clever tactics aren’t enough to do this job. At long last, Republicans need courage, will, and grit.

The real question is why we are still having this kind of debate. The Republican Party has been ducking these fights for decades — and look what they have to show for it. The country is coming apart at the seams. Criminals are running roughshod over our cities and our southern border. We’re deeper in debt than ever before. Elite institutions are in open revolt against the American people and their values. 

We cannot negotiate or maneuver our way out of this mess; we have to fight.

That is exactly what the House Freedom Fund has been doing. We need more leaders like Jim Jordan, Scott Perry, Chip Roy, and Byron Donalds.

Around the country, HFF is recruiting and supporting the best House candidates in the most important races. In Washington, House Freedom Caucus leaders will lead the battle against our corrupt president and dysfunctional budget.

Both projects are essential to saving our country. And both ultimately depend on one thing above all: you.

Thank you for being part of our team and doing so much to fight for America’s future.

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