House Speaker Election

Recent news about the Republican majority in Congress has been about inside baseball topics like leadership elections and rules.

Though it sounds boring, I promise you the backroom fights that are taking place on these topics right now in Washington will tell us whether Republicans will use their majority to make real change…or continue business as usual.

The news so far has been disappointing. Nearly every conservative reform proposed by Freedom Caucus members has been rejected by the Republican leadership.

Take earmarks, for example. The Freedom Caucus wants to ban them, but Republican leaders and over 70% of rank-and-file Republicans just voted to allow earmarks in spending bills next year.


We had hoped that Republican leadership would have learned some crucial lessons from their underwhelming performance in the midterm elections and charted a new course to fight for a bold agenda that benefits all Americans. But so far, that is not happening. So, what should conservatives do now?


They can use their leverage in the Speaker’s election to force Republicans to chart a new course.

You may have read recently that Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was elected as Speaker of the House, but that isn’t true. He was only nominated by a majority of Republicans. The vote for Speaker occurs in January when McCarthy will need to get a majority of votes cast in the entire Congress.

If he can’t win 218 votes, the House will continue voting until he or another Republican does. Winning the final few votes is where the leverage of a strong House Freedom Caucus comes to bear.

Conservatives understand we can’t continue to do the same things and expect different results. They know Republicans need to start acting like Republicans and truly fight to save our country from the Left’s destructive policies.

And contrary to the media’s narrative, conservatives aren’t “throwing the Speakership to the Democrats” by holding out for principled reforms. A Democrat can’t win a majority of votes cast because Republicans have a majority, and no Republican will vote for a Democrat to become Speaker.

McCarthy will either have to win over conservatives by changing how the House operates next year, or Republicans will have to unite behind another Republican who can win 218 votes.

It’s that simple.

Republicans must move forward as conservatives.

Thank you for being part of our team and supporting the House Freedom Caucus. We will keep you updated on this critical issue.

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