GOP Budget Fumble – House Freedom Fund

Last week, House Speaker Mike Johnson caved.

After weeks of negotiations with the White House and congressional Democrats, Johnson agreed to fund Joe Biden’s corrupt government for another month in exchange for … nothing.

No border wall. No Remain in Mexico policy. No deportations. No new immigration reforms or enforcement of any kind. Total fumble.

Not only did Speaker Johnson give the Democrats everything they wanted. He put his temporary funding bill on the House floor using the special “suspension” procedure that bypasses any accountability.

Sure enough, the bill passed the supposedly GOP House with more Democrat votes than Republican votes.

The Republican Establishment once again affirmed Nancy Pelosi’s spending levels, Chuck Schumer’s policy priorities, and Joe Biden’s abuses of power — and called it “governing.”

This is wrong, and it’s why we desperately need more Freedom Caucus conservatives in Congress.

The GOP Establishment is more concerned about a government shutdown than border lawlessness… or the fentanyl pouring into our country… or our $34 trillion debt. They care more about what the media say than what the Left is doing to our republic.

When will they learn?

For a decade now — from the Tea Party to Donald Trump to the conservative governors leading on Covid, the right to life, and woke extremism — the American people have rallied behind principled heroes willing to take on the Left and the media and the elites. Americans across the country are hungry for leadership. But once again, GOP “Leaders” continue to follow.

Thankfully, the House Freedom Caucus fought valiantly against this betrayal. They warned leaders for months that this deadline was coming. They urged leaders to pick a winning issue — border security! — and fight instead of going behind closed doors with Biden and Schumer.

Their message was clear: We don’t need a deal — we need our country back!

And we won’t get it as long as GOP Leaders are more afraid of pundits than of their voters. Republican insiders won’t change their behavior until we change their incentives.

That’s what supporting the House Freedom Caucus and the House Freedom Fund does. It sends a signal to Republicans that there is a price for betrayal and cowardice.

It’s this simple: the more money we raise, the more conservative candidates we can support, and the sooner House RINOs will change their votes or change jobs.

A massive surge of support for our efforts now as we head into the 2024 primary elections will send that signal before Congress votes on the next temporary funding bill in a few weeks.

Please support HFF and our priority candidates today.

Establishment Republicans need to hear from America before they drive the whole country off a cliff.

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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