Freedom Caucus Leads Effort to Impeach Mayorkas

Conservatives in the House of Representatives ended their most recent legislative session with two crucial, gritty wins.

First, they held the line on Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, finally impeaching the architect of Joe Biden’s open borders negligence.

Second, they led House Republicans and Speaker Mike Johnson to declare the $95 billion, Senate-passed foreign aid package “dead on arrival” without badly needed border security reforms.

As usual, the Establishment is furious. They don’t care about the border crisis or the impeachment trial. 

Alejandro Mayorkas

U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas / Photo by World Travel & Tourism Council

The usual RINO suspects in the Senate already want to give Mayorkas a pass — before they even hear the evidence against him!

They don’t want to use Joe Biden’s desperation for the foreign aid bill as leverage. They can’t be bothered to end the lawless, humanitarian emergency on the Rio Grande.

The Establishment cares more about Ukraine’s borders than our own.

But the elite, the Left, the Swamp — they don’t speak for America. 

The American people are sick of Washington putting corporate, globalist interests ahead of the nation’s interests. They want their elected representatives to fight.

And that’s just what House conservatives are doing. Behind closed doors and in public, in Washington and back home, they are standing on principle — and showing our hapless Establishment what real leadership looks like.

On Mayorkas. On the border. On foreign aid. On every issue, the Freedom Caucus is teaching the GOP how to fight.

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