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The Swamp said it was impossible. Democrats, the media, and even the Republican Establishment whined for decades that the debt limit MUST be raised, no questions asked, without conditions or debate.

But now it’s happened.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a conservative debt limit bill!

Grassroots conservatives have argued all along that if Democrats need the debt ceiling to be increased, then Republicans should extract policy concessions in exchange for their votes.

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Republican leaders would tell us, “You have to learn to compromise.” Except… they didn’t want to compromise: they just wanted to surrender! In a compromise, conservatives would actually get something in the bargain!

And just as they did in the Speaker’s race in January, House conservatives stuck to their guns on the debt limit… and won!

The media has framed the passage of the House bill as a victory for Speaker Kevin McCarthy. And he certainly worked with conservatives more fairly and intelligently than his predecessors. On the other hand, the substance of the bill did not come from the top but from members of the House Freedom Caucus.

If enacted, the bill would:

  • Cut federal spending by $4.5 trillion

  • Defund Joe Biden’s doubling of the IRS

  • Block Joe Biden’s student loan bailouts

  • Strengthen work requirements for the federal food stamp program

  • Cut Green New Deal spending programs

  • Reclaim unspent COVID funds

  • Implement the REINS ACT requiring Congress to approve major regulations before they can take effect.

The bill isn’t perfect. But it is progress — an important first step for conservatives, the GOP, and the country.

And it puts Biden and the Democrats on their heels. They have said for months the “MAGA Republican” House can’t govern. It turns out, now that the House is a little more MAGA… it can finally govern.

It’s not a miracle. It’s not a fluke. It’s conservative leadership — and Joe Biden’s nightmare.

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