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It took the Left years to weaponize the Federal Bureau of Investigation against the American people. But it may only take a few months for their woke conspiracy to completely collapse.

Hardly a week goes by now without some new information exposing and discrediting the FBI’s leftward lurch over the last decade.

On May 18, the House Judiciary Committee released a report about the FBI’s intimidation and punishment of whistleblowers inside the Bureau.

On May 16, Special Counsel John Durham released a 300-page report on his investigation into the Russia Hoax. Its findings were one long indictment against left-wing political activists masquerading as law enforcement officials.

In April, video footage caught FBI agents visiting the home of a pro-life activist in a reported attempt to intimidate her.

Back in February, remember, leaked documents showed the FBI was targeting traditionalist Christians as possible threats. This was after another Justice Department scheme to investigate parents protesting woke policies at school boards as “domestic terrorists.”

We might not know any of this if not for the tireless work of House Judiciary Chairman and House Freedom Caucus member Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH).

But thanks to Jordan, these revelations are only the beginning. His Committee, and the Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, are conducting the most important congressional investigations of this century.

Normally, congressional oversight is unexciting, perfunctory work. Congress asks a few questions, bureaucrats provide a few answers. But what Joe Biden and the Woke Left have done with the FBI and many other federal agencies is about more than budget accounting and administrative updates. The Deep State is orchestrating a quiet coup, breaking free from the bonds of accountability imposed on it by voters and the law. They are trying to set up a separate government, unelected and monarchical — to rule the American people rather than serve us.

Not every Democrat is part of the problem, and certainly, not every Republican is part of the solution. That’s why conservatives — regardless of party — must stand up: for the truth, for the Constitution, and for the country.

Consider how much more we know now than we did just six months ago. All this was made possible by a small Republican majority in the House of Representatives, thanks to the decisive leadership of a handful of conservative congressmen and congresswomen.

What House Freedom Fund is asking — and what all conservatives across the country should be asking — is: what else could be exposed, and how could we hold those responsible accountable if conservatives win a large majority in 2024?

With enough conservatives in the House, we could break through Deep State obstruction and uncover the truth about all the scandals of the Biden Era: from the 2020 elections to the politicization of the FBI and intelligence agencies, to the Biden family business ties, to left-wing donors’ ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

In a conservative-dominated House, everything would be on the table — both the investigations to find the truth and the overdue reforms needed to drain the Swamp.

House Freedom Fund is already working toward that end. We have endorsed Marlin Stutzman in Indiana and Yvette Herrell in New Mexico and are scouring the country for the best conservative candidates on the ballot.

Please continue to support HFF and our priority candidates.

This will be a make-or-break election for America and the Right — and for any hope of exposing and dismantling the Deep State. HFF is all in and we’re grateful for your generous support.

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