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Republicans should have swept Election Night 2023. 

President Joe Biden is historically unpopular. The economy is flagging. America’s enemies are starting wars all over the world. The border is a disgrace. Inflation is still a crisis, our schools are woke catastrophes, and crime ravages our streets.

Every one of these disasters can be traced back to the corruption and incompetence of the president and his party. And yet, across the country this November, Republicans fell flat.

In Virginia. In Ohio. In Kentucky.

In Washington, stunned pollsters and pundits are scouring for clues about their failure in local trends and exit polls. (As usual, they want to blame conservatives!) But is the GOP’s 2023 flop really a mystery?

Think of it this way: If Republicans had won control of the Virginia legislature or the Kentucky governorship, what would they have done with it?

Nobody knows.

This is the problem with the entire Republican Establishment. To them, simply not being Democrats should be enough to persuade voters and inspire the nation. How’s that working out?

The American people aren’t stupid. They know how much trouble our country is in. But they also know that corporate Republicans are not just spineless and directionless — they’re useless!

They’re not bad politicians. They are just not conservative. They don’t prioritize the things everyday Americans actually care about. No matter what office RINOs run for — from dog-catcher up to the White House — they will not fight to save our country from the woke, socialist Left now tearing it apart at the seams.

The lesson of election night is not to tinker with the message, tweak campaign ads, or hire more consultants. This is not rocket science.

The Democrats are the party of lawlessness — so secure the border and throw criminals in prison

Democrats are the party of stagflation — so balance the budget, bring home our jobs, and unleash the energy renaissance our economy needs

Democrats are the party of corruption — so defund weaponized agencies and prosecute Deep State criminals.

If Republicans do this, they will win. If they don’t, they will keep losing.

The lesson of Election Night 2023 is the same one the American people — and House Freedom Fund — have given Republicans for years now: FIGHT FOR FREEDOM.

Thank you for being part of our team and for doing so much to support proven leaders who proudly run on bold reforms and keep their promises.


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