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The biggest political story in America this summer did not come from the White House, the Supreme Court, or the campaign trail.

It came from the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) – most know it as the “nation’s report card.” Every few years, the NAEP tests American 4th, 8th, and 12th graders. And 2023’s results were the worst in the program’s history.

Between 2019 and 2023, U.S. 13-year-olds’ scores fell in math and reading. Their history knowledge fell to the lowest levels ever recorded. Most of the media blames Covid-19.

But the problems in our schools predate Covid and the lockdowns. The real virus on our education system today is the woke, socialist, anti-American garbage left-wing school boards, administrators, and teachers’ unions inject into our classrooms.

That’s why the success of conservative educational reformers over the last few years is such a big deal.

You probably remember the parent revolt against woke school boards in 2020. Moms and dads fought against boys playing girls’ sports and invading girls’ bathrooms and all the critical race nonsense. But that pushback has now turned into a national revolution.

Several states have passed laws creating school choice for all students. Many more have passed a Parents’ Bill of Rights to ensure transparency and accountability to their students’ moms and dads. States are banning racism and trans extremism. From coast to coast, conservative governors and state legislatures are wiping the floor with their teachers’ unions.

Even the Supreme Court got into the act this summer, banning liberal colleges’ criminal conspiracy to discriminate against applicants of certain races.

At House Freedom Fund, we know how important these victories are. And we know how urgent it is to press our advantages immediately. The battle over our schools is a battle for the hearts and minds of the next generation. The Left wants to poison our kids. Conservatives need to rescue them from it — at every level of government.

That’s why HFF’s candidates for the U.S. House of Representatives are all fully vetted as unyielding champions for school choice and education reform. In 2024, a conservative wave election could give us a conservative House, Senate, and president — and an unprecedented opportunity to fix our broken school system.

Education savings accounts. National bans on CRT and the 1619 Project. Defunding woke school boards and failing districts. All of the above are on the table for 2025.

The Right is not only about stopping the Left anymore — it’s about winning the future. That is HFF’s mission and our pledge. With your help, we’re not just going to build a conservative majority in Congress. Conservatives will finally start winning back our country by winning back our schools.

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