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Americans were shocked late last year when Democrats on the Colorado Supreme Court struck Donald Trump’s name off the state’s presidential ballot. But we should not be surprised.

After all, Democrats hate democracy. 

Right after Colorado, Democrats immediately tried to remove Trump’s name from ballots in Maine, New York, Virginia, and other states.

It’s outrageous, but it’s nothing new. The Left has been at war with democracy for decades. That’s why they like unelected judges legislating from the bench. It’s why Barack Obama bragged about governing by “pen and phone” through executive orders. It’s why Joe Biden opened America’s borders and illegally kicked unvaccinated soldiers out of the military.

And it’s why their ballot disqualification scheme did not end with Donald Trump, either.

A leftwing activist just filed a lawsuit to bar conservative Rep. Scott Perry’s name from Pennsylvania voters’ ballots in 2024.

And if you know Scott Perry, you know why the Left is so afraid of him.

Perry is a threat to Democrats precisely because he is a champion of democracy. He has fought his entire career for:

  • the right to Life;

  • the Second Amendment;

  • election integrity;

  • border security;

  • free speech and religious liberty.

Perry is a principled conservative who not only fights — he wins. He is one of the most influential members of Congress. As Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus, Perry successfully pulled Republican leaders kicking and screaming to the Right. He is a war hero, a close ally of President Donald Trump, and an indispensable leader in Washington’s toughest fights.

U.S. Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA)

Democrats know they can’t beat Perry fair and square on election day. But that’s okay for the Left. They like winning dirty.

House Freedom Fund exists to take on exactly this kind of slimy politics. 

You know the Left always attacks the real conservatives in Congress — the patriots, the fighters, stalwarts for families, and the Constitution. And you know the GOP Establishment never defends them.

To take on the Left and the Establishment, conservatives need their own war chest. That’s what HFF is — the campaign arm of the American people, standing up against the Left, the Swamp, and the corporate cronies in both parties.

Scott Perry could have taken the easy road. Instead, he stood by his oath and his country. Now, his enemies are not just trying to defeat him but to erase his name and strip his constituents of their constitutional rights.

HFF is standing with Scott Perry and every fighting conservative in the House of Representatives this year.

Please join us by making an urgent donation to his campaign.

As always, HFF will transfer 100% of your candidate contributions to their campaigns — no hidden fees or expenses.

We are in this fight for the same reasons you are — the same reasons Scott is. If the Left wants to go to war with democracy, the House Freedom Fund is happy to give them a fight they won’t forget.

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


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