Democrats Eye Return to Earmarks

Now that Democrats control the House, the Senate, and the White House, they plan to bring back the Swamp’s favorite weapon against American taxpayers: EARMARKS.

This practice of allowing powerful lawmakers to bypass a competitive and merit-based allocation system to direct federal funding to their pet projects always ends in waste and corruption. We know this because we’ve seen it countless times before.

The House Freedom Caucus rightly announced its opposition to earmarks in this Congress or any future Congress. 

Several Freedom Caucus members also wrote an important letter urging their colleagues to reject this abusive practice. The letter says:

“[T]he 2000s were marred by infamous earmarks like the Alaskan “Bridge to Nowhere,” an indoor rainforest in Iowa, a Teapot Museum, and absurd research projects like analyzing goth culture. The wide-spread practice of earmarks was corrupting. Earmarks were used to buy and sell votes and reward favors. Earmarks brought discredit on the House and Senate and ultimately led to several Members of Congress being convicted on corruption charges.”

This is an important policy fight that won’t be won without strong conservative leaders. You see, many big-spending Republicans want earmarks to return too!

Please help us support the House Freedom Caucus and elect more conservatives who will oppose earmarks.

Conservatives have an opportunity to turn the midterm elections into a tidal wave election that sends dozens of principled leaders to Congress. But that won’t happen unless we start working now to help the right candidates win their primary elections.

The House Freedom Fund is working to identify, recruit, and promote candidates in over forty-five key districts across the country. You can help by making a generous contribution today.

Click here to support the House Freedom Fund and to help stop Congress from wasting our tax dollars!

Thank you for considering this request and for doing so much to help fight for America’s future.

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