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The greatest trick woke socialists pull is convincing Americans that they really care about woke socialism. Yes, rich leftist elites hate America, but deep down, they love money even more.

All their talk about racism and sexism and transphobia and amnesty and affirmative action and education and health care and climate change is mostly a con.

Did you ever notice that no matter what the issue, their solution is always the same: give more money to … them?

One of the biggest changes to American politics this year is that conservatives in the U.S. House of Representatives are on to the scam. They are focusing their efforts on the turf the Left actually cares about — their budgets.

In recent weeks, House conservatives have proposed cutting the salaries of Biden Administration officials not doing their jobs. Already on the chopping block:

  • Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas

  • FBI Director Christopher Wray

  • Attorney General Merrick Garland

  • Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin

Their agencies — which are funneling billions into leftist activism — are also all overdue for targeted cuts.

At House Freedom Fund, we understand that this is how to fight back against the weaponization of the federal government. Investigations are necessary. Impeachments may be too. But in Washington, only money talks.

All federal spending bills must start in the House of Representatives — and that means Republicans have the leverage to withdraw financial support for the wokest of the woke.

This is what American politics needs to be about today — defunding and defanging the Left. Everything woke elites do — from persecuting Donald Trump to inviting the border crisis to rigging election laws to indoctrinating our kids — they do with our money. It’s time to take it back.

Like you, House Freedom Fund only supports candidates who are willing to lean into this fight. Tweets and press releases aren’t enough. The Left only cares about one thing. If we take away their money, we have a chance of taking back our country.

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Some conservatives have suggested that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy cancel the upcoming August recess, use the annual, must-pass spending bills to expose, reform, and defund harmful liberal policies, and then refuse to move from those bills when government funding expires at the end of September.

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