Sometimes it feels like the Democratic Party is just a giant protection racket and criminal defense fund for left-wing felons.

Whistleblowers throughout the federal government are coming forward with shocking evidence. As of now, we know:

▶︎ The FBI has overwhelming evidence of criminality in the Biden family’s businesses, and by Hunter Biden in particular.

▶︎ FBI agents promoted the Russia Hoax despite knowing it was false.

▶︎ The Homeland Security Department knew border agents accused of “whipping” illegal immigrants were innocent but encouraged the false narrative anyway.

It’s not surprising that a recent poll found that most Americans believe Joe Biden’s administration “has crossed an important ethical line” in pursuing political opponents.

This is only going to get worse between now and Election Day. Democrats will spend the last days of the 2022 campaign politicizing justice and prosecutions across the country. The Democrats’ corruption will not stop unless we stop it.

Help us expand the House Freedom Caucus and elect a conservative House!

It’s ironic the Left talks so much about “democracy.” They hate democracy.

It’s conservatives who believe in the Constitution, the rule of law, and free and fair elections. We are the true defenders of democracy. Woke, socialist elites care only about power. And they have shown they are willing to break any norm or law to get it.

Fight back for America with a split contribution to our priority candidates today!

House Freedom Fund is fighting to elect the most conservative Congress in decades this November. And it’s not just for their votes, but also for the truth they can uncover.

The corruption investigations we need – of the FBI, of Anthony Fauci and the NIH, of Biden’s impeachable border failures, and all the scandals we don’t yet know about – will only come from a conservative, fighting, principled House majority.

This year, across the country, we have the candidates to win one. But we need your help.

Democrats aren’t just fighting Republicans at this point. They’re not just fighting the principles of democracy. They are waging war against the American people, period. Against YOU.

Help us fight back before it’s too late.

Thank you for considering this urgent request. Together, we can elect a large group of Freedom Caucus conservatives who will work together to fight for America’s future!

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