Conservatives are at a critical point

Conservatives are at a critical point in our fight for this country’s future.  

Kevin McCarthy’s REVENGE TOUR against conservative fighters is in full swing; it was on display in last night’s primaries.

This is a clear message to America First conservatives across the country: We have to fight back against the establishment’s efforts to take out our strongest conservative fighters.  

And this is about to get even more intense.  

Real conservatives like Bob Good (VA-05) and Colby Jenkins (UT-02) are still out on the front lines with primaries on June 18th and June 25th, respectively.

Bob Good (VA-05), Colby Jenkins (UT-02)

They are fighting tirelessly for our freedoms, our values, and the American people.   

Now we need to fight for them.  

It’s time for us to rally behind these patriots and ensure they win their primaries and finish STRONG come November.  

Help us send a message to the RINOS that these conservatives have a grassroots army standing behind them.  

The House Freedom Fund is working hard to get these champions elected, and NOW, more than ever, we need conservatives to stand up and support them.  

2024 is a CRUCIAL year for our movement.  

America is facing an existential crisis on multiple fronts, from our border to our debt, to the weaponization of our own government against us.  

We CANNOT let the Swamp uniparty get in the way of our mission: to save this country from the radical progressive Democrats and establishment Republicans who are destroying everything our founders worked for by growing and defending the House Freedom Caucus.  

We must elect as many America First Conservatives to the House as possible to fight back against them and advance the principles that made this country great in the first place.  

The future of our nation depends on it.  

Let’s show our support for Bob Good, Colby Jenkins, and the courageous conservatives who fight for us every day.  

The establishment might’ve won this battle.  

But we WILL win the war!  

Please, make an urgent contribution to our priority candidates today.   

House Freedom Fund will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your candidate contributions directly to their campaigns.


Thank you, 

Ray Yonkura

Executive Director

House Freedom Fund