Victory for Freedom!

A VICTORY for Freedom is a VICTORY for ALL!    

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert has just CRUSHED her primary in a critical win for the House Freedom Caucus!  

Since she came to congress Rep. Boebert has been a stalwart voice for conservative principles, American values, and our way of life.   

This is more than a win; it’s a declaration that the fight to save America is still going strong, and patriots like YOU are the lifeblood of this movement.  

This victory couldn’t have happened without the dedication of supporters like you.   

Your enthusiasm, commitment, and contributions have propelled Lauren Boebert to a HUGE win, proving that nothing is out of reach when we stand up and FIGHT together.  

The House Freedom Fund remains steadfast at the forefront, supporting patriots like Rep. Boebert who are fighting for our country and our way of life.  

With your continued support, we WILL ensure that the House is filled with REAL, CONSERVATIVEPATRIOTS committed to preserving our LIBERTY and FREEDOM.  

While we celebrate this critical video, we still have a lot of work to do.  

The war for the future of our nation is ongoing. This country isn’t going to take itself back.  

We’ve got more critical Houses ahead, the general election is just around the corner, and we need to rally our forces to finish STRONG.  

Patriot, can we count on your continuous support as we continue to ELECT America First champions?  


Let’s keep the momentum going and ensure our voices resound even louder in the halls of Congress.  

We know that with you on our side, we are UNSTOPPABLE!

The swamp is ANGRY

The swamp is ANGRY, and it’s coming after Rep. Scott Perry.  

Ever since he was named as one of the newest member of the House Intelligence Committee, uniparty politicians and the media have had it out for the former chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.  

According to the Washington Post (the deep state’s favorite newspaper) establishment Republicans are enraged that Perry is now on the committee. 

Sign the petition. Stand with Scott Perry.


Because over the last several years, the House Intel Committee has been a mouthpiece for the deep state.  

It was central to the first BOGUS impeachment of President Trump and its members recently fought tooth and nail to stop a conservative effort to require warrants for FISA searches against Americans.  

Yes, you read that right.  

Here are the facts: Scott Perry served for decades in the U.S. Army; he’s a champion of our constitutional rights; and deep state politicians see him as a threat because of that.

They want him GONE. And they’re threatening to try to remove him.

Sign the petition. Show you stand against the deep state.

At HFF we believe in a strong national defense that operates within the constitutional constraints put in place by our founders.  

And that’s why we’re not going to take these attacks lying down.  

By signing the petition, you can make it clear to the deep state that the American people want a FIGHTER on their side.  

Former Chairman Perry put it best when he said, “When it comes to my Intel Committee  appointment, my 44 years of experience and service to our Nation speaks for itself.”  

Scott Perry is a distinguished veteran and a true conservative fighter.  

He doesn’t deserve attacks like this, but that’s exactly why they’re attacking him. What he deserves is our support.  

With Rep. Perry on the Intelligence Committee, the American people actually have a voice against the deep state.  

It’s time to use our voices to let everyone in Washington know that he deserves to stay.

Sign the petition today!

At House Freedom Fund, we know that liberty lost is rarely liberty regained.  

That’s why we fight as hard as we do against the forces that want to take it away from you.   

Thank you for everything you do in the fight for liberty. We simply can’t do this without you.


Confidence in elections is the cornerstone of any representative government — especially ours.  

That’s why what’s happening in Virginia right now is so important.  

In Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, conservative fighter and House Freedom Caucus Chairman Bob Good is in a tight race against a Kevin McCarthy-backed establishment candidate and it’s coming right down to the wire. 


Right now, the vote totals are neck and neck.   

Bob has stood up against everything Kevin McCarthy and the swamp have thrown at him, and this recount fight is no different.   

We need your help to make this happen.   

Recounts aren’t cheap at all.   

Chairman Good is going to need all the help he can get to cover the costs of ensuring that every conservative voice in Virginia is heard and counted.  

This is where support from patriots just like you is going to be crucial.   

By giving what you can today, you can help HFF make sure that the recount process is properly monitored, that election laws are enforced, and that the democratic process works exactly as it should in Virginia.   

Bob Good has spent his entire time in Congress fighting for the forgotten men and women of this country and standing up to the swamp.   

That’s why his opponent is going to have the deep pockets of the entire GOP establishment behind him on this.  

We need your help today to ensure that every vote in this race is counted fairly and to the exact letter of the law.   

The fact of the matter is this: every vote must be counted and every legitimate vote MUST count.   

The only way to ensure that Bob Good can keep fighting for our freedoms, our way of life and this country’s future is to ensure a fair recount that will definitely prove that he won this race. 

 Your contribution will help HFF make sure that this recount has the lawyers, election monitors, and other resources needed for a definitive, conservative VICTORY.  The choice for conservatives in this race is simple: we either stand together against the swamp, or we let Kevin McCarthy and his allies steamroll over this race with their bottomless reserve of establishment money. 


URGENT: This fight isn’t over

We have an urgent update from Bob Good after last night’s primary results in Virginia. 

Bottom line: The race is still too close to call in Virginia’s 5th District.

We always knew this was going to be a tight race. 

Kevin McCarthy and his uniparty allies have been throwing everything they’ve got at this race to try to get even with Chairman Good and the rest of the House Freedom Caucus.

It’s only because of patriots like you that we’ve been able to fight back like we have. 

Bob is still in this fight and we’re not going to give up until we have used every avenue to ensure that the vote totals are accurate and that the real winner prevails.

Thank you for standing with us, with Chairman Good, and with the other courageous conservatives who are fighting for our freedom, our values, and our way of life. 

Because this fight isn’t about one Congressional race in Virginia.

It’s about the swamp trying to protect itself from real conservatives who represent the American people. 

The 2024 election will determine if it’s America First or the Establishment SWAMP. 

We cannot afford to sit back and watch as our beloved nation is torn apart. 

Your support today is crucial. 

Stand with the House Freedom Fund. Make a donation now and ensure we elect leaders who will fight for YOU.

The Swamp wants revenge against Bob Good

This is urgent.  

There’s really no other way to put it: the Swamp is coming after Bob Good because it wants revenge, and time is running out. 

The simple fact of the matter is that Bob Good makes RINOs in Congress look bad.  

He has been fighting for border security, fiscal sanity, American values, and our constitutional rights since his first day in office.  

He worked to HOLD Kevin McCarthy accountable for the promises he broke as speaker.  

He’s now the Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.  

Through his voting record and his HFC leadership he’s helped set and maintain a standard that uniparty Republicans don’t want to live up to. 

Ken Blackwell said it best at The Federalist recently: “As you can imagine, many establishment Republicans do not like being held accountable for their votes. Nor do lobbyists and special interests like it when business as usual in the Swamp is threatened by Republicans who are intent on keeping their campaign promises.”

Stand up to the Swamp – Keep Bob Good in Congress

 It’s no secret that Kevin McCarthy has made this primary all about his personal revenge, but now more RINOs are joining in, and even BRAGGING about campaigning against a real conservative to the media. 

And now things are coming down to the wire.  

Virginia’s primaries are on TUESDAY.   

Here’s the bottom line: Bob Good is one of the best fighters we have in Congress and he needs YOUR help before the polls open. 

This is about far more than one Congressional seat in America.  

It’s about whether or not Conservatives are going to let Kevin McCarthy and the Swamp get their way.   

We need every conservative nationwide to help HOLD THE LINE.

Please take action and donate to Bob Good’s campaign.

House Freedom Fund will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your contribution directly to his campaign.  

He’s up against millions in outside spending, so he needs every dollar you can give.  

Thank you for your time and your dedication. Together we can save this Country. 

Thank you, 

House Freedom Fund

Conservatives are at a critical point

Conservatives are at a critical point in our fight for this country’s future.  

Kevin McCarthy’s REVENGE TOUR against conservative fighters is in full swing; it was on display in last night’s primaries.

This is a clear message to America First conservatives across the country: We have to fight back against the establishment’s efforts to take out our strongest conservative fighters.  

And this is about to get even more intense.  

Real conservatives like Bob Good (VA-05) and Colby Jenkins (UT-02) are still out on the front lines with primaries on June 18th and June 25th, respectively.

Bob Good (VA-05), Colby Jenkins (UT-02)

They are fighting tirelessly for our freedoms, our values, and the American people.   

Now we need to fight for them.  

It’s time for us to rally behind these patriots and ensure they win their primaries and finish STRONG come November.  

Help us send a message to the RINOS that these conservatives have a grassroots army standing behind them.  

The House Freedom Fund is working hard to get these champions elected, and NOW, more than ever, we need conservatives to stand up and support them.  

2024 is a CRUCIAL year for our movement.  

America is facing an existential crisis on multiple fronts, from our border to our debt, to the weaponization of our own government against us.  

We CANNOT let the Swamp uniparty get in the way of our mission: to save this country from the radical progressive Democrats and establishment Republicans who are destroying everything our founders worked for by growing and defending the House Freedom Caucus.  

We must elect as many America First Conservatives to the House as possible to fight back against them and advance the principles that made this country great in the first place.  

The future of our nation depends on it.  

Let’s show our support for Bob Good, Colby Jenkins, and the courageous conservatives who fight for us every day.  

The establishment might’ve won this battle.  

But we WILL win the war!  

Please, make an urgent contribution to our priority candidates today.   

House Freedom Fund will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your candidate contributions directly to their campaigns.


Thank you, 

Ray Yonkura

Executive Director

House Freedom Fund

Progressivism is Poison

The 2024 election is not about policy differences — not really. For more and more people, in more and more places, America’s choice this year is becoming a matter of life and death.

Pull back from the day-to-day controversies in Washington, D.C., and look at what is happening to our country today.

Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
  • On the border, Joe Biden is inviting criminals, even terrorists, into our communities. Hardly a week goes by without another illegal immigrant charged with murder somewhere in the country.
  • The drug cartels who really run the border smuggle enough fentanyl doses into our country every year to kill every single American.
  • On our city streets, crime ravages families and businesses — while left-wing politicians turn their heads.
  • On Joe Biden’s watch, wars have exploded on two continents. And now America’s most dangerous enemy, communist China, rattles its saber throughout the Pacific.
  • Thanks to Biden’s woke elite allies, college campuses are overrun by racist mobs endangering Jewish students.
  • Woke medical schools and Biden’s Pentagon have lowered their standards so much that our healthcare system and national security are being sacrificed on the altar of politics.
  • Trans fanatics in our schools are encouraging America’s students to chemically and surgically mutilate themselves, hurling countless children deeper into mental illness.

In this light, the contest between the Right and Left in 2024 is about much more than tax rates or the price of prescription drugs.

Liberalism isn’t just an ideology anymore; it’s a poison.

Joe Biden and his party’s corruption, incompetence, and extremism are getting Americans killed.

In a sane world, Washington Republicans would be fighting like hell to stop the Left’s toxic agenda. Instead, they vote to fund it.

The House Freedom Caucus is the only organization inside Congress dedicated to stopping the Left and the Republican Establishment. They fight every day against every elite insider undermining our nation.

The House Freedom Fund was created to grow the Freedom Caucus from the outside. Every two years, we find, vet, and support the best conservative House candidates in the United States.

We’re not just looking to give Republican leaders “more votes” or help Establishment RINOs wield gavels as Committee chairmen. No. We’re looking for principled conservatives who will stand up for America no matter who conspires against her.

Bob Good. Scott Perry. Byron Donalds. Ana Paulina Luna. Eli Crane.

These are the kinds of leaders fighting for our freedom in the House today. House Freedom Fund’s job is to defend them and send them reinforcements. 

In 2024, it will be a fight for our nation, our Constitution, and our very lives.

Support HFF today — and join the fight for America’s future.

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


Vote for the TRUTH in 2024

One of the most important issues on the ballot this November will be the TRUTH.

From Day 1, the Biden Administration has been a secretive, conspiratorial black box. They hide information from Congress, the press, and the public. They ignore subpoenas and stall Freedom of Information Act requests. And then the heavily redact what they do release.

Photo by Manny Becerra on Unsplash

Look at what has trickled out just in the last few weeks:

  • The president just invoked Executive Privilege to prevent audio recordings of his interview with the Special Counsel investigating the Hunter Biden scandal.
  • The House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government just reported evidence that Biden’s team demanded Facebook “remove true information” about COVID-19 if it cut against the Left’s narrative.
  • Radical Justice Department official Kristen Clarke seems to have lied to the Senate during her confirmation hearings about her past arrest record.

Meanwhile, every week, new scandals are breaking. Leaked footage just exposed transgenderism doctors openly discussing ethical lapses and the long-term harms of their “treatments” of kids. Another found a senior Navy official admitting that the military knows its Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion indoctrination is “a waste of time.” And just about all the Border Patrol whistleblowers, the media, and the Left have covered up!

The American people will never know the whole truth about any of these things unless Congress steps up with full-scale, take-no-prisoners hunts for the truth. And we know that won’t happen unless true conservatives take over.

The Judiciary Committee and the Oversight & Accountability Committee are showing what committed investigators can do even without the full support of Establishment leaders. Just imagine what we could learn about the Woke Industrial Complex if every House committee had bulldog-like chairmen.

But to elect Chairmen like them, we have to elect more — many more — congressmen like them. We need to transform the House Republican Conference. Right now, it’s a timid, go-along-to-get-along Swamp caucus with a few true leaders sprinkled around. It must become a Fighting Caucus where the Swampy RINOs follow, not lead.

That’s why the House Freedom Fund works so hard to choose our candidates. It’s not enough that they are Republicans or agree with conservatives in principle. They have to be warriors for freedom who understand the Left’s corruption and are indifferent to the Establishment’s fears.

In 2024, winning isn’t just about control of our government. It’s about rescuing the Truth from the Left’s lies.

Help save the Truth AND America by supporting the House Freedom Fund and our endorsed candidates today.

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.


Kevin McCarthy Targets Top House Conservative

If you’re tired of spineless Republicans selling out our country, then please read this email carefully.

Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and his Establishment allies are dumping millions of dollars into a congressional race in Virginia to defeat conservative Congressman Bob Good, the chairman of the House Freedom Caucus.

They aren’t spending the money to defeat a liberal Democrat. No! They are targeting a conservative warrior in a Republican primary election.


Because Kevin McCarthy and his allies want to punish conservatives like Bob Good for ousting him as Speaker and standing up for our freedoms, and most importantly, they want to discourage other conservatives from fighting for us in the future.

Please stand with Bob Good by making a contribution to his campaign now.

There is no time to waste. We need every conservative who reads this to take immediate action. The Republican primary election in Virginia is on June 18, and early voting has already begun!!

U.S. Congressman Bob Good (R-VA)

If we don’t lock arms and stand with Bob Good and the House Freedom Caucus in this race, Kevin McCarthy and his cronies will get their way — they will defeat a conservative warrior who has fought the Swamp and discourage other leaders from fighting for our values, too.

Take action now and send the RINOs a message!

And if the targeting of a strong conservative wasn’t bad enough, consider the state legislator they are propping up to challenge Bob Good in the Republican primary.

John McGuire is a true RINO who will stab us in the back faster than you can say, Kevin McCarthy.

❌  John McGuire voted to give taxpayer-funded college tuition assistance to illegal immigrants.

❌  John McGuire said that our country was too lenient when it comes to gun regulations, and he even spoke at an anti-gun rally.

❌  John McGuire voted for a bill that would allow people to steal things worth up to $500 without being charged with a felony.

❌  John McGuire voted to raise gas taxes and even to make it easier for local governments to raise or impose new taxes.

❌  John McGuire said he doesn’t consider himself a Republican or a Democrat and has repeatedly praised Democrats like Ralph Northam, Nancy Pelosi, and Barack Obama.

You can see why Kevin McCarthy and his allies want this fraud Republican in Congress.

Please take action and donate to Bob Good’s campaign.

House Freedom Fund will pay all processing fees and transfer 100% of your contribution directly to his campaign. He’s up against millions in outside spending, so he needs every dollar you can give.

This congressional race in Virginia has national implications that will impact all Americans. Please don’t sit this one out. The House Freedom Caucus and conservatives need your help now.

Thank you for considering this urgent request and doing so much to help fight for America’s future.

Paid for by House Freedom Fund and not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.