Bragg Sues Jordan to Obstruct Oversight

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg sued House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan Tuesday in a clear attempt to obstruct congressional oversight.

Specifically, the lawsuit seeks to block Jordan’s attempt to subpoena Mark Pomerantz, a former senior prosecutor in Bragg’s office.

The lawsuit won’t prevail, but that’s not the point. It’s really a delay tactic to dodge accountability. Alvin Bragg doesn’t want the truth to come out about his role in this case, and he will do whatever it takes to hide it.

“I think the concern is that if they did get Pomerantz on the witness stand or in a deposition that we might see a lot more of the inside baseball within Bragg’s office being spilled out publicly,” said Politico Senior Legal Affairs Reporter Josh Gerstein, “and I think Bragg’s not eager to see that.”

The bottom line is this: Alvin Bragg used federal money to indict a former president with no underlying crime — a decision that has been widely criticized. And then, when Chairman Jordan took action to investigate, Bragg filed a frivolous lawsuit to stop him. It’s shameful.

Chairman Jordan is right to investigate this politically-motivated attack. And it doesn’t matter if you support President Trump in 2024. We can’t allow our judicial system to be weaponized for political gain.

If you want to support Jim Jordan, you can donate directly to his re-election campaign through the House Freedom Fund.

Thank you for supporting Jordan and the members of the House Freedom Caucus. They continue to be our voice in Washington despite endless attacks from the liberals in both parties.

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