Boiling Over

Washington wants you to believe the border crisis is all a misunderstanding – that it’s just innocent migrants looking for a better life and nothing another amnesty can’t solve.

But what’s really happening on the border isn’t just a migration problem – it’s a flood of lethal drugs pouring into our country.

Last year Customs and Border Protection seized enough fentanyl to kill every single American seven times over!

Meanwhile, what is Joe Biden doing? Forcing waitresses and mechanics to pay for doctors’ and lawyers’ student loans.

What is his Justice Department doing? Harassing Donald Trump.

What is his Defense Department doing? Sending the troops to pronoun training.

Help the House Freedom Fund restore America’s greatness!

The fentanyl crisis, the crime wave it is fueling, and the humanitarian catastrophe it is leaving at the border are all Joe Biden’s crises. And the Democrat Congress bears responsibility for funding his pro-cartel policy. And, of course, the media and Big Tech are responsible for covering it all up.

The only thing that can stop America’s slide toward lawlessness is a Congress controlled by America First conservatives who will do what they said they would do.

▶︎ Biden doesn’t support building the wall, but a conservative House can fund it without his support!

▶︎ Big Tech and the media don’t want to protect working families, but a conservative House can stand up for every hardworking American!

A principled, strong House majority can seal the border, defund the cartels and the sanctuary cities, and end the invasion.

Please support the House Freedom Fund and its list of priority candidates today!

You can donate directly to multiple candidates with one transaction, and HFF will pay all processing fees so these candidates can spend 100% of your contributions on voter contact.

The battle for the sovereignty of our nation, for our streets, and for our children is about whether America survives as a free nation or not.

And winning that fight is up to us.

Join HFF in the fight for America’s sovereignty.

Thank you for considering this urgent request and for doing so much to help fight for America’s future. Together we can elect a conservative majority in Congress and defend our great nation.

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